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  1. Recently got a pair of white Pleaser Flamingo 1020 boots. Bought and ordered on Tuesday, delivered on Thursday morning. 8 inch heel platform boots ain't that much of a challenge.


    I also got creative and swapped the laces on my 2 pairs of pleaser boots so they look more unique.


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  2. 10 hours ago, balletboot2000 said:

    Not really......

    any padding is better than none, its just ballet toe pads make ballets walkable,


    Thanks! I'm getting better, a month after acquiring them.

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  3. 54 minutes ago, balletboot2000 said:

    Standing and walking in ballet heels takes a little practice, but you'll get there.

    Get some toe pads.

    Would rolled up ankle socks do just as good?

  4. 58 minutes ago, mlroseplant said:

    Is it just the angle of the photo, or are the heels on those boots too tall to be positioned vertically when the toes are touching the ground?

    The latter. I would slice half an inch off the tip of the heel but I'm too scared to do so because I'm not confident to try it.

  5. 3 hours ago, at9 said:

    Typically on these ballet boots the heels are about 10mm too long. I had a pair of similar ones once(same model but matt leather) and shortened the heel slightly. I could then walk in them after a fashion. They are long since gone.

    You need to extract the heel tip, peel back the covering on the heel, cut off 10mm with a hacksaw or grinder, drill deeper for the pin, put back the heel covering and hammer in the tip. It's not too hard if you have reasonable tools.

    From that photo it turns out i had the boots on the wrong feet.

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  6. 11 hours ago, maninboots said:

    Nice find and a bargain price too, will make a good summer pair of boots, ankle high i take it, they look really smart on, what size are they as they look quite dainty to be honest mate 

    They're a size UK7. The boots don't have spongy soles but they are still cosy.

    13 hours ago, Szpilkins said:

    They are cute boots !

    Mine, or a different pair?

  7. On 1/30/2020 at 3:35 AM, w6ish said:

    at the diner:  waiting.  i could not believe she made me wait!  

    (fun memory anyway!)

    What brand are those boots?

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