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  1. And it is pleasing to see that we have shapely stilettos and wedges without platforms - which were of course completely unfashionable in the 1950s that these shoes commemorate.

    Not true. There were a lot of platforms around in the 50's.

  2. 2. The platform has the effect of making the feet look bigger. Making the feet look smaller is one of the purposes for a high heel.

    Your opinion.

    In my opinion some platforms can actually make the foot look smaller.

    3. Platforms tend to make a person's legs look shorter. Why anyone would want this effect is beyond me. Here again the platform is working against the purpose of the high heel.

    Again, your opinion. If the platforms are elegant enough, they serve to elongate the legs, in my opinion.

    The equivelent heel height to the platform in this paragraph is only 4 inches. Big deal.

    I'm sure you would find that a 7 inch heel and a 3 inch plaform would offer a whole other set of challenges than just demanding flexibility of the foot.

  3. I don't understand what you mean? Do I have to feel sorry for not sharing pictures? I wrote that I will. For the moment, it's not possible. I didn't mean to be rude, just asking for some patience.

    ...something went wrong...sorry Trolldeg!!!

    If you look at my quotation you will see that my post was directed at mickeyunc and not you. I think he was rude in the way he demanded pictures from you.

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