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  1. This is a great example of how an outfit can make the shoes. Her leggings really draw your eyes down to her awesome heels.
  2. There are few pairs which aren't in style anymore. But I'm sure they'll be back in style as soon as I give them up. If I organize better . . . maybe I could cycle them more often.
  3. Wow, that's a lot of shoes! I wonder if she'll be filling her closet once again, or maybe sticking to what is actually wearable in her life time . . . lol. Either way I'm glad to see a good cause got some benefit.
  4. You can also check out the Nine West Vlog.
  5. Not my taste, but I do see a beauty in what he's designed. And what I wouldn't give get be able to pick the color of shoe I want. It'd be nice to get something beside black. I've heard of scientists using 3D printing to create layers of skin and other cells. So who knows, perhaps we'll see a custom leather ox blood boots printed at your home 3D printer, just pay for the design.
  6. I'm not sure you can order directly from the Di Marni website. It looks like they do production and send to wholesellers.
  7. kashaze

    Jimmy Choo

    I've never been able to afford Choo-level shoes. But I have noticed a difference in quality between by $250 boots vs my $60 boots. The $250 boots have lasted several years with some minimal maintenance. The $60 boots fell apart after a few years, no cobbler was able to fix them.
  8. Super cute! I'm glad to hear they are relatively comfortable to walk in.
  9. It's not a simple answer for me. OTK boots are great when they are the right height and work well for me when I'm looking to fit in. THB are a definite attention grabber. When you're looking for eyes to be on you, THB are the way to go!.
  10. I think wearing heels when shopping for clothes is essential. You never know if the cut of your slacks/jeans will fit with your heels.
  11. I'll be out and about in November. I think I'll try going shoe shopping while I'm out. You are all the greatest support in world!
  12. Nice! How do they feel when walking? Driving?
  13. I'll write a book, it'll help cure the global obesity problem, the fast food/sweets industry will hate me, podiatrists will love me, and we can all wear what we want in peace.
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