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  1. I'm selling a pair of red patent 6inch heels, size 44 eu. I bought them from the german manufacturer elite-heels. Unfortunately they were a bit big for my feet and due to their height, it was impossible for me to walk in them. I think they could fit not only a size 44 EU but a size 45 EU too. Been worn once or twice and only indoors. Only "negative" thing is, that i've swapped the original box with another one more durable. The price i'm asking is of 70 euros + shipping ( which is of 30 euros worldwide without geographical exceptions ). Paypal only
  2. Gianrico Mori, love your blades too
  3. Northwind

    Let's get to know each other

    Name: Dino Age: 39 Gender: Male Location: Lecco ( Italy ) / Athens ( Greece ) Occupation: Lawyer Height: 1,76 cm Weight: 80 Kg ( for the time being) Shoe size: Mens 43 EU Womens 43/44 EU depending on style What's your favourite heel style: Blade/Stiletto ( i don't like the platforms...so far...) What's your favourite shoe style: Black patern pointed pumps/Leather Knee high boots ( pointed as well ), Do you wear your heels outside: Not as much as i'd like to, but i'm getting bolder as time goes by What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 5" ( Your highest heel height: 6" How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: every day ( Your highest heel height: almost every day Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: stockings Anything else you wish to add: Occasionally i fully crossdress, but i prefer to present as a male in dress/skirt and heels ( so far i'm a real disaster with make up )
  4. Northwind

    Favorite Style Being Used By A Lady

    Plain black patent pumps, pointed toe and a 5 inch metal heel
  5. Skirts from mini to ankle, dresses, stockings, make up, wigs, corsets, bra ( even breast forms from time to time ), make up, and of course heels ( nothing that goes under 5 inches )...and from my point of view they're not women's but my clothes...
  6. Thank you for the suggestion hoverfly
  7. I already have two pairs of 6 inch heels bought by fuss and even though i'm not a novice with really high heels. I think that regardless of the brand, it's really difficult to walk on them for more than a half an hour without risking to sprain an ankle ( and in the town that i'm actually living cobblestones are the rule and not the exception ). In any case the chu's special arch do seem very sexy, but i'm having my doubts about their quality .
  8. Hi to you all by a newcomer in this forum. I'd like to ask you in advance, to have a bit of patience with my english that are sort of rusted. Your average 38 year old guy ( there's no point on saying gay or straight as my sexual orientation i don't think can't matter to none ) who adores wearing heels ( at least 5 inch ) and crossdress in regular basis. Been out in public sometime, ma i have to built more courage to do it more often. See you "around" and thank you for the hospitality. Northwind

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