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  1. 4608

    men in heels

    I'd prefer the first pair!
  2. Well, the sugits and the top coats are ill fitting, that's for sure! Personaly, I would never close ty top button unless I also work a tie! Looks ridiculous to me.
  3. Well, I'm not so sure about Gothenburg or Malmoe, but in Stockholm with close to 1 miljon people you are more anonymous and people tend to be a bit more progressive. ( and maybe more wrapped up with their own lives)
  4. I'm often in a pair of RM Wiliams ankle boots with a 2.5" cuban heel and nobody seems to take any notice.
  5. Too bad they are not available in 13/14!
  6. Hmm.. What's the size?
  7. Will they be shipping to Europe?
  8. Hi 4608, where do you live in Sweden? The trip this spring I will go into Sweden as well, southern parts.

    If you in the south maybe we could meet for drink of some sort.


    1. 4608


      Unfortunately far away from Denmark I'm afraid.


  9. Mtns..... You know, English is widely spread across Europe! The Danes are know (together with us Swedes) for their often more than decent English
  10. Finally an other Swede I'm also a USW 13,5-14 and find it equally difficult finding attractive shoes
  11. What size are they? ( if you are selling them on)
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