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  1. 5.25 inch. For me the perfect height. Walkable, comfortable (correctly fitted) and sexy. It's so fun wearing sexy heels at work or otherwise. Being the odd guy works for me. I'm a really well respected engineer at a engineering centric company. People expect engineers to be unique, knowing that allows me to be odd and as such heels are just an extension of such. Works for me so why not push the envelope. I now keep 4 to 5 pair out in the open at my desk and rotate out weekly to keep my selections diverse. Sooner or later someone will ask how many different heels I own. Looking forward to that question.
  2. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Yep me too, pretty much every regular place I go.
  3. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    You referring to the Jessica Simpsons you pictured? It's good to be known and expected in your heels. I am and I love it.
  4. Today I'm back in my very old Mary Janes. These are so comfortable, brand is Signature. I'm not really sure how many yrs I've had these. Originally an Ebay find. I've replaced the heel tips half a dozen times by now.
  5. It's all nice to see. The rise is low, companies are starting to come around but let's offer some truer high heels for men. Not surprised about pricing, they are in business and demand is outstripping supply as there are still minimal choices so why not maximize profits. I'll continue my purchases from the femme side simply because I pay 25% as much and get far Sexier heels as well.
  6. Where do you get your metal replacement tops?
  7. Nothing conservative about a man in heels buddy.
  8. Just stay safe. Heels are not relevant if you're not around to enjoy them.
  9. Mel brooks was a genius. Every line had something and most wouldn't fly in today's PC society.
  10. They aren't too bad. Mostly getting used to. Not as easy as pumps.
  11. No ANSI, OSHA or ISO standards. Just fun standard. Today I'm going with my closed toed mules. Admittedly this are really a desl shoe, walking is a bit clumsy as I need to curl my toes a little to keep from stepping out of them. Sorry for the image quality but needed to minimize the file size.
  12. I mentioned recently that I have begun wearing heels at work. I'm an engineer at a factory. The factory proper is strictly safety shoes but the office is whatever. Pictured here are my FSJ safety heels. Metal toes, somehow I don't think they will fly. I'm wearing these today in the office.
  13. Yep, have to agree. Many styles I wear now that I didn't dare to in the past.
  14. I love it, yes heels are low but still all male, fury legs and all. I think it's the best I've seen towards men in general yet.
  15. I have a pair from FSJ. Should bring them in. Have mentioned to these guys I have "SAFETY" stilettos. Next week I'll try to remember. Should go over well I think.
  16. Me at work. Not sure why it's so uncomfortable posing. Never feels normal. Anyway, my neighbor coworker is not in yet but this would be his pov. Could never ask him to take a pic.
  17. Exceptionally nice. Those are great looking and fit well is a bonus.
  18. It's not security as much as safety. The brown shoes in the photo are steel toed safety shoes. I'll switch to boots in the autumn. Keep heeling my friend. My shoes have been used with good humor by me putting coworkers initially at ease. Have not been a butt of any I'll humor and my respect within the building is as high as ever.
  19. So good. I've done the same thing now. Been wearing openly at work for nearly a year now. Have been no issues at all. My basic work attire now is, high end polo shirt, pants and 5 inch stiletto pumps. Classic pumps and mary janes mostly. No sandals or open toes. I keep 4 pair at my desk. Since it's a factory I'm limited to office only just like anyone else. My work space
  20. I used that line for yrs, every time I had to get up extra early for work
  21. Please post pics of the 1st boots, pumps and you newly purchased stiletto boots for reference. Great story.
  22. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    I've been close many times, usually on hard supermarket floors. Glad you're OK.
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