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  1. I purchased replacement tips that were nearly perfect. Your idea may work well although not sure if nailing would be doable unless you add some pilot holes just a bit smaller than the nails. These are about .75 inch across and a little more front to back with the full radius at the back. If you're thinking of getting a pair I'd recommend them. I bought mine through alliexpress.
  2. I did cut the nails, Dremmel, then ruffled up the mating surfaces and super glued them. I mentioned that Hey Si Mey does typically increase heel height with size but for some reason they didn't on these. In your size these may be fine or possible you'd need one added tip thickness. I wore the beige pair for 12hrs straight yesterday with no ill effects.
  3. Added two pair of loafers. Modified the height to improve the shape and durability of the heels. See the repair posts.
  4. Recently purchased two pair of Hey Si Mey loafers, introduced this year. Unlike previous heels of theirs these were disproportionate, see right side 1st image. To correct this I added two additional tips, left side of image. I love the results, the heels no longer look like the leaning tower of Pisa. Better look and I'm sure increased durability.
  5. I mentioned recently that I have begun wearing heels at work. I'm an engineer at a factory. The factory proper is strictly safety shoes but the office is whatever. Pictured here are my FSJ safety heels. Metal toes, somehow I don't think they will fly. I'm wearing these today in the office.
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