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  1. 5, 1 dress, 2 pair sneakers, 1 golf and 1 bowling. 300 pair of heels, mostly 5 inch single soled stilettos.
  2. How could any guy not like a woman im heels. I don't get that at all.
  3. Interestingly US men's lines up well with UK sizing. Correct me if I'm wrong, UK does not differentiate between men and women in sizes. Why the US does if baffling to me.
  4. I can't argue with that statement. I'm admittedly am a admirer of dangling too. Can't be done with ankle straps, slings, or T-straps which are my favorite heel types. Classic pumps are best for that.
  5. Thought I'd ask everyone their opinion on the perfect shoe. Mine varies over time but here is where I'm at right now. My perfect shoes is: - single sole, closed toed, mild toe cleavage, open instep, low outer side, 5 inch stilleto. Sorry for the image quality, taken from my phone at work.
  6. Just tapped out the metal heels on these shoes and installed #8-32UNC hardened cap screws. Fully expect these to last the remaining life of these shoes. Used a drill press and hand tap.
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