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  1. I wouldn't mind test driving those as well.
  2. Yah, that would be something.
  3. I think these are over 10 yrs old. They are butter soft and conformed to my feet quickly. The soles are pure leather. It took very little time to break these. I bought 42's. My true size seems to be 10.5 US You have a lot of Nine West, these size accordingly. These and a light grey pair are the only two I bought. Price with shipping was over $100 back then. A bit pricey.
  4. It's OK. even if I weren't wearing heels I wouldn't takes shots of myself with others around. That's simply not cool. My neighbor's computer is on as seen in the background.
  5. Red at work. This is a old pair of Italian Heels. Well worn and feel like leather gloves.
  6. Honestly I do like the 3 inch Cuban heel ankle boots even if they are on the low height side for me. Agreed with Melrose, good overall sign. Mainstream does follow his lead.
  7. Wasn't my point. My point is, since it is a corona virus it's highly susceptible to mutations and as such we'll just have to learn how to live with it. We can't crawl into a hole every time it peaks. There likely not be a cure in our life times. The reality is, the fatality rates are way down from 2020 and not likely to return to those levels even though infection rates will continue.
  8. Buying multiple pair of the same was something I used to do too. There are some basic classical pumps that I have gotten to the back up pair but you're right, most of time it's not a good idea.
  9. There is way more to it than just work. Agreed, many can work from home, however there is a significant social disconnect as a result. The western society will collapse without it eventually as people won't be able to handle face to face communication or even more importantly confrontation because of the loss of direct contact. As far as covid, the antibodies built up once infected are better than the vaccine. Not saying the vaccine didn't help, my symptoms were never severe, I haven't boosted in nearly 1.5 yrs. Got it twice since. First time 3 weeks after my 3rd shot. Getting it every 6 to 9 months is about the same as getting boosted. The antibodies are present either way. The virus is after all a corona virus, so is the common cold. It mutates too fast and often to ever be cured, so like the cold we just need to deal with it. The average human life span just took a 2yr drop. Such is life.
  10. Pandemic is over, killed those who couldn't survive now it's basically a cold. Get back to office and socialize. I've had covid as many times as the vacation, 3. It's really time to move on.
  11. Yep, can't agree more. Your eventual estate sale as well as mine are going to be amazing. Mike. I tried sending you a message but was blocked?? Says you're not allowed to receive.
  12. It's OK to have a shoe fetish. I'm in the same place, used to think why. Now I embrace it. I'll admit I love my heels, sometimes I'll wear 2 or 3 different pair a day.
  13. Several of the knock offs like FSJ show images of the real shoe they are sort of copying. At least FSJ will show actual item photos later in the images, there are several that don't make an attempt. I buy many Chinese knock offs, occasionally get fooled, but only now buy once I see customer images of heels at or near my size.
  14. I thought that's you meant. My comment was directed at Spikes not you. Sorry for the confusion.
  15. If by presentable you mean CD, no not so much. Not my intention either. Just a regular Joe who happens to wear heels in a classic way. Thanks Mike.
  16. Italian heels is a great manufacturer. In general all European products have this in common. Most middle tier suppliers don't tell you specifically but do state the heel height based on a specific size and often state height is different according to size. The cheaper guys say a height and don't make any other statement. I never buy without reading the reviews and seeing pic's in the reviews.
  17. I have seen the same thing. It seems like they may have 4 or 5 heels to cover the smallest to largest shoes. Saves inventory and as such money. Some really bad manufacturers use only one heel for all. You see a size 8 modeled and assume the look to be the same. You buy an 11, only to to be disappointed at the low height. I questioned manufacturers about this and they just say the height is as stated in the listing.
  18. I haven't really seen this too often, surprisingly. I do often line up my heels when I get multiple pairs of the same shoe. Steve Madden has changed manufacturing locations on occasion, wonder if that may have anything to do with that.
  19. Yah, those nails are way worse than what I have installed. They are much rougher since they have tangs to imbedded in the molded on plastic tips.
  20. Baby boy🤣 I'm not too heavy, 175 lbs, but it does make a difference as the heel itself is the same size. The force being directly proportional to weight.
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