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  1. The almond shape is my favorite, and when properly sized never give me trouble. Elongated pointy toes, not my cup of tea.
  2. I get even distribution on my toes. Helps, but must keep my nails trimmed.
  3. Not at work but still enjoying the heeled life.
  4. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Short toes, wouldn't mind those myself.
  5. Please don't rely on us for advice. That said. When you ran sprint, if you did, did your toes hurt? Running at full speed is similar to wearing heels as you run on your toes and balls of your feet. Your heels never contacts the ground. A good exercise may be to run full speed in trainers to aide in stretching your joints. No matter what, good luck. One other comment. What does cross dressing have to do with heels? I never have, yet I wear very high heels regularly.
  6. Still not Labor day, so white remains in style. Of course for me it always is.
  7. I typically need to go to a Chinese version of EU 43 for most Chinese makes for my U.S. size 10.5, UK 8. UK 12 would be way above normal even for make feet. Not too surprising you'd struggle finding heels that large wherever you'd look. Good luck.
  8. Yah, they have so many up to very large sizes and constantly list them as unisex. The idea of calling high heels unisex is actually great.
  9. The Chinese are still pumping out heels by the boat load. Can't just be us guys buying them.
  10. My old open instep Maddens for today
  11. Interesting images, but no matter how hard and strong the heel is it would need to be incredibly narrow to pierce the materials stated. Piercing pressure is simple math, force divided by area. Since Sally can only stomp so hard, the area would need to be incredibly small to generate enough contact pressure to pierce metal. The height of the heel is no relevant but the contact area is everything.
  12. Interesting shoes. I'd prefer a higher heel but 10 bucks at a thrift. I never see heels of any value in size 10 or larger at thrifts near me.
  13. That auto correct has a good sense of humor as I thought you were referring to a off base political party that has really lost its way.
  14. I used to be an elephant but an orange faced baboon cured me of that problem. In N.C. undecided allows one to choose which primary you want to vote in. With a rule like that it's actually stupid to affiliate anyway.
  15. Another old pair of Pleaser heels I dug up. Pleaser are remarkably durable but do have a somewhat chunkier, less than spike stiletto heel that I really prefer. Otherwise they check all my boxes, durable, built for men, high (but not too high) and sexy. One other lacking quality is color, I love my colors, but black and red with the occasional taupe is all you get from Pleaser.
  16. You're right unfortunately about the serious reduction in participation in this site. You like me, seem to look in on the morning and comment if the urge prods you. You, Cali, Spikes, Shyheels, and 3 or 4 others are pretty much all who routinely comment.
  17. I'm not too sure the second comment was derisive, at least not how you described it. It's possible he was muttering because you semi-dismissed him by not looking at him when answering. What seemed creepy about the lady's questioning?
  18. I wear them pretty much everywhere. I used to take quick pics doing that but haven't for some time. I always feel weird taking selfish in public.
  19. My Steve Madden Newbee pumps were forgotten for a while. I'm wearing them today. Soft leather upper and a thin hidden platform. See work and heels post for pictures.
  20. My old Steve Madden Newbee.
  21. I'm the opposite. When I get a back up pair I store them and continue to wear the originals until they are truly dead. Then I've moved on to another favorite style thus forgetting about the back up. Most of my forgotten shoes are just ones that I moved on from style wise only to forget I have that shoe when I want to wear that said style again.
  22. Yah, we all have favorites. I still forget about them on occasion too.
  23. One problem I have to admit I have is getting too many has lead me to occasionally forget what I have. Take these Pleaser pumps. These were bought as a backup pair yrs ago. I had long since worn out the originals which lasted for many years. Anyway resurrected, along with many others. I'll post here those others as I wear them.
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