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  1. T-shirts should 100% be tucked in. Only fat bellys don't. Sorry but it's the truth.
  2. The truly bad part is her not wanting to stand out. It's comformism at its worst. As men wearing heels we stand out in a big way.
  3. Maybe reading these comments helps to jolt some of these onlookers into actual participation. I don't know if images are available to non-members or not. I'm involved in other non-fashion forums that are only allow onlookers to read. One a paper model building site has no ads, sponsored entirely by the model publishing houses, so that may explain why. I enjoy Melrose's nearly daily muse, but admit I'm not good at maintaining a long-term thread like my heels at work was supposed to be. I wear them daily but discussing it seems redundant.
  4. CAT, send Vogue some of your pics from a few years back, they may get the hint. Unlike me and Melrose you have model like attributes.
  5. Careful buddy your approaching my style. Very elegant pumps, and I'll say it, sexy heels.
  6. It's a spent thread. She's long gone, no female judge anymore.
  7. I agree. I have a much less issue as explained earlier. I'm often able to twist the Iast (the steel plate inside the shoe) but if that doesn't work I just move on to the next pair. It's also really bad on tile floors. As often as I walk around in my 5 inch stilettos I don't need to have my heel slipping out from underneath me.
  8. It's a sign of bone misalignment. The image of the red boots is real severe. I have the same issue to a lesser extent on my left leg. Given enough time my left heels almost always to the same thing. It's always my left shoes that require heel tip replacement 1st. It's a natural issue that a person must just live with. For that reason I can't put the hundreds of miles on my heels like Melrose. It doesn't matter how good the shoes are either, they all do it.
  9. Not a petite woman by any means.
  10. He said "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind'. The quote is accurate as he is a man and the term mankind is gender less.
  11. There won't be sufficient depth on either side to withstand the bending moments. Fine if you're just sitting around but Melrose wears his heels in daily manner
  12. I've had that exact failure twice. Both were less than decent quality shoes. The steel shank that the tips are pressed into doesn't go all the way up. The heels on both of mine broke at the termination point of the shank. No fixing these as suggested, they'll break again.
  13. Wow WWI. I wish I had your genes. Your heels in the 20's must have been amazing. 😀
  14. Both are great and yes really like the 2nd pair. It's an encouragement to see but sadly other than mirror and window reflections I'm the only one I've seen.
  15. Please expand, what were they wearing and where?
  16. I seized an old Arons Briggs snowblower years ago. Pounded the piston out the by hand wet sanded the bore with old oil and 400 grit wet/dry paper. Put her back together and ran another 5 yrs until moving to North Carolina. Left the blower with the house.
  17. Neither type is really ideal. Buejay where abouts in upstate did you live? If I were still in the syracuse area we could have met up. Will be at Keuka Lake for 2 weeks next summer.
  18. Hard pack is usually thinner, packed. Parking lots and drive ways, places often walked on.
  19. I don't believe stilettos are too dressy for any situation.
  20. Honestly having lived in the Syracuse area for 15 yrs of my heeling life I found stilettos better than block heels. The spike stilettos penetrate the hard pack snow better. Neither are ideal on ice.
  21. I've never had issues with stilettos at the Depot. Many times, never a problem. As for masculinity, it takes balls to do it and many of us do.
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