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  1. Superb look. Really love the mules and color grouping. You could use my powder blue slings. I think I'll wear them today at work inspired by your look.
  2. No, 5.5. I like these a lot, but honestly prefer they slightly lower.
  3. Hey si mey in a new color.
  4. I'm way more impressed with the 1 arm pull up. I have done way more construction in heels, yes actual construction. We are all super heelers compared to most women because we by nature are more more muscular and as men in heels determined to be stupid in heels. Just saying.
  5. I need to bring some new heels in soon. Work next week then 2 weeks vacation. Good time to swap out.
  6. 750, crazy. You must get many repeat customers plus I'm guessing people are aware of the high heel man. It's all good.
  7. I'm wearing my blue MJ's. These are a tad lower, about 4.75 inch and extremely comfortable. The colored tile is our break room. I know I'm getting old, even without a gut there seems to be a downward trend at my belt line.
  8. Due to image size limits I was unable to show these yesterday.
  9. At work I do spend much more sitting but otherwise I don't. I walk in 5 inch heels a ton. Stores, restaurants, at home etc. Worn out many soles and heels. For whatever reason 5 inch rise works for me. 5.25 is max, any high not happening. At work most of my walking is to the factory floor or engineering lab, on go my safety shoes.
  10. You're right. You call it "bitten by the high heel bug". I like to refer to it for what it really is, an addiction. Yep, I'm addicted. I have to wear high heels. I have to own many because of their uniqueness. I'm glad my drug is high heels rather than some insidious drug. As for that particular pair of mules, they were yet another perfect pair. 130 mm heels, great cut, amazing color and for me closed toed. But even with that combination, a seller asking for more $'s is total b.s. Did get these a few days ago.
  11. I just canceled this order. They asked for 10 more dollars. Claimed material costs. I may have paid the price if it was listed that way, changing in mid stream is bull.
  12. In the break room. It's been exillerating wearing heels at work. I actually think I'm a bit more productive. Not sure why other than the feeling of high heels on my feet seems more natural when I'm in an unloaded position. I have a reasonable arch.
  13. No real physical loading driving, engineer response after scientists comment. Yuk Y uk
  14. It's the weak spot. Every mechanical thing has its weakest region based on the stresses in the part. You are fatiguing the metal with every step. Bonny no. 1 apparently had a large stress cycle that shortened its life. I'm not surprised it's on the same shoe, we all walk differently on each foot. In my case the heel tips always wear faster on my left shoe. It could also be just random, i.e. flip a coin. If it's heads the 1st time it's still 50/50 each time you flip it again that it will be heads, no pattern until it happens 3 or more times.
  15. Did you strike up a conversation about your mutual taste in footwear?
  16. Nothing new, mules again today.
  17. Good point, caring about others thoughts of you is a younger trait.
  18. I'm with you, I so prefer well worn heels from a comfort perspective. When I get the perfect pump I where them even more to get them even better.
  19. I'm beginning to think we have more gray beards (me included) than not here at HHP.
  20. I've been using alliexpress almost exclusively. They don't sell direct, they offer the manufacturers and retailers an interface with buyers. Hey Si Mey has a store on their site but can also be purchased from 3rd parties.
  21. I have several pair coming, here's a sneak peak at the mules
  22. Today I'm in classic black. These are my oldest Hey Si Mey pumps. I keep these here at work permanently since I have a second pair at home. I've mentioned this brand many times, best quality of the knock off Chinese brands in my opinion. Just wished they'd expand their color selection. I've contacted them stating I buy every color they'd make, they are that nice.
  23. Personally never liked the look. I was a bit young for the hippie style, born in '63 so it was at its peak when I was 10. My 1st adult style was the early 80's which may explain my love for stilettos.
  24. It's the difference between thinking about things (scientists) and doing (engineers). 🙂
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