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  1. Casual or not, works for me. I'd be in 5 inch pumps with that look either way.
  2. Wow size 7.5 U.S. I have never seen a male foot that small. You have unlimited options at your feet so to speak. Curious, how tall are you flat footed?
  3. I like the autumn feel to these shoes. Great re-addition.
  4. Maybe one of the most over the top sappiest movies I've ever seen. Even the Hallmark channel wouldn't make that. In your face, forced to swallow shite
  5. I'm sure he can tell the difference, not to many Mel Cross out there. Even Jenner looks manly still.
  6. Melrose, I find single soles to be great casually as well. I've mentioned this before, I prefer single soles for walking due to the sole flex.
  7. It's the high classic pumps. Beautiful shoes make all other aspects better and classic pumps, no platforms, are the most attractive of all heeled shoes.
  8. Everyone gets excited about classic pumps buddy.
  9. They key for standing in heels is not standing still. If I have to stand in one place I have problems. I can walk all day, but being erect and stationary not so much. Great look my friend, those shoes are fire.
  10. Interesting question. I've never been asked that before. Yesterday a guy complimented me and asked how high my heels were. Of course I replied, 5 inches.
  11. @mlroseplantall that beautiful work on the altar platform and the socket cover is really crooked.
  12. Not wrong, color match is dead on. Even matches well with neighbors roof.
  13. Excellent relaxed look. The heels don't seem to be higher than many of your open toed mules.
  14. The brown boots are fabulous. You plan take them for walk? They need to be seen.
  15. My bad, question still stands.
  16. They are unofficially forced into it, unwritten rule. Bambam did you wear during your sequester? If you did and weren't excused I'm a bit surprised. No reason is required to excuse jurors and each side gets a certain amount.
  17. Working at home or in the office. Great either way, but so much cooler if in public. By the way, "long time I didn't post" means you post all the time.
  18. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Your feet always swell on long flights. Good luck. Flew to and from Brazil in pumps, always tight on landing.
  19. I'll answer for him. After a while people expect to see you in heels. It's never really an issue simply because if you are you, you rapidly become accepted. I'm wearing 5 inch spike stilettos at work. I'm respected as an engineer, been promoted twice and earn 20k more per year since I've started wearing heels at work. Get comfortable and just be yourself.
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