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  1. Like your chosen selections, especially the stiletto styles.
  2. I have a '96 suburban, 2000 Toyota Tacoma, 2001 buick century and a 2011 Ford escape. The escape actually has the most corrosion although not much. I rarely drive the buick or suburban. For yhe first 3, i paid, $3700 10 yrs ago, $6500 9 yrs ago and $4000 6 yrs ago respectively. The buick was tge wife's but repaced it with the brand new at the time 7 yr old escape. Buick is in too good condition to scrap, so I've kept it. I need to drive up to Syracuse and sell the suburban. It's old but corrosion free and has the excellent Northstar engine in it. Could get 4 or 5 g in NY easy, just not in NC.
  3. You're kidding yourself to think solar alone will handle all that is needed. Wave power is a nice idea except it will destroy the marine life balance and mechanically unsound. Nature and salt water would maje quick work of the equipment. Cali, don't take it the wrong way but I can tell you're from California with the flowery non evasive green ideas.
  4. Solar is a nice niche, need to cover the state of Arizona with panels at 100% efficiency just to power what we use now. Fusion power is the only real solution, just need to get the magnets efficiency up. Then, the answer for vehicles is hydrogen power cells. The hydrogen is pulled from the ocean by electrolysis. Burned, you get H2O.
  5. Yah, at my age and where i live i can see never driving a highbrid or a toxic waste lithium battery on wheels. Can't imagine the waste dumps when these batteries start to hit, almost as bad as nuclear waste. Plus power grid in the U.S. will never handle the load.
  6. I usually lock it there, but didn't this time. It's an older vehicle, 2000. In this state there is literally no corrosion so vehicles last for decades. I had no real valuables in it, the golf clubs were im the tool chest im the bed. Will be locking it going forward.
  7. I'm not really concerned, just find it odd. These were really worn out shoes, just wore them cause they were so comfortable. But don't bowl in heels and left them on the seat of my truck. I would have been upset if my clubs were taken. Also, what anyone would want wuth my work badge, place has camaras everywhere and it will be deactivated.
  8. Here is one. Left one of my oldest most seriously worn out heels in my truck at the bowling alley tonight. Come out, gone along with a hat and my work badge. They left my jar of change and my golf clubs. Hope they enjoy the shoes.
  9. You will be missed. Your input is and has been greatly appreciated. Please stop back occasionally, there is no mimimum participation rule. I hope Helen continues to drop in too.
  10. I agree Helen, walking is for me far more comfortable and natural without platforms. I prefer a my heels to bend at the ball of my foot as I walk. Platforms don't give. Your foot just rolls with them, it's not natural.
  11. You have to do way worse to compare to '70s heels. These are nice.
  12. I dp have lighter color hair on my lega, so that helps. But still, just a regular guy who just happens to be in heels.
  13. Actually I like the fury legs. I don't shave either and have sported stilettos with shorts many times. Great look Rockpup.
  14. Niether, high heel engineering hasn't changed since they added metal rods to the shoes. Just repeated designs over and over.
  15. Robots can get very tipsy on that stuff. Never how the robot will act. What ever you do don't let the robot drive.
  16. Here is the difference, you can find these on Alliexpress. Don't actually have names.
  17. Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your yourself here.
  18. Have a good trip. Not from Michigan but been to Grand Rapids. It's a small city but very nice. Hope someone can join you but be surprised if someone hear in this site is a GR resident.
  19. Actually they do have a style of 130mm, that in my size are about 135mm. They are one of the few Chinese base brands that actually increase height with size. They are the only make in that height I can wear, but still reserved for home.
  20. Yah, love how Hey Si Mey fit me, more bend under the arch than my Onlymaker which seem to inline steadily from the ball of the foot to the back of the heel. This also seems to result in my foot sliding forward putting more pressure on my toes. My Hey Si Mey actually are more level under the heel and hold my weight on my heel better even with a 5 inch rise.
  21. They are beautiful shoes. Please post a modeled pic for us.
  22. It's a shame your spouse is not supportive, she ever explain why? Love to see a pic of these boots you mentioned.
  23. I agree nice pump as is. Vince Camuto shoes are usually quite comfortable.
  24. Agreed as to the clothing but i like his taste in shoes. I'm just in for the shoes anyway, kinda like Melrose.
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