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  1. Ha, did the chicken wire keep the beer bottles at bay?
  2. That's kinda the point. They make so much money the prestige of a great golf course or two is worth the loss. I was playing an occasional PGA tour course for $100 including cart and food at the turn plus any additional holes you can play. The gamblers were paying.
  3. Pretty cool comment and nothing about your shoes. Have to admit never understood the cassino allure. Used to live near one with great golf courses. I figured the golf was worth more than the greens fees they were that nice, 20 min between tee times too. So I always thanked the gamblers for giving me better courses than I paid for.
  4. Those are my very old 1969. They only make 2 styles of pumps. A very long pointed toe and these. All leather with a rubber inset on the sole bottoms for longevity. Heels are 5.25 inch in 42, size 10.5 for US Women. I have my old Steve Madden Darrt on today. I think these are 10yrs old.
  5. Oh vacations are always too brief.
  6. Understood. Nobody is questioning why it was set up. But rather the need anymore. Women simply have abandoned the site entirely with the rare occasional brief interaction.
  7. They made these special for me. I ordered a fully coated heel but they initially asked for another 10 bucks. All I can figure is they fitted a "to short" heel on them. It would have cost them to make them right. I refused to pay more so they offered the metal heel. I actually love this even more. I just asked if these can be made in white, black and beige. If they will I'll get them too. These will be going public very soon. Notice the high arch and not straight back placed heels, well designed. I contacted the manufacturer through alliexpress. They only advertise these in blue and black and without the metal heels. They agreed to make me these in black, white and beige so I ordered 3 more pair.
  8. I like them but they look to be a bit large in the back.
  9. Several new heels waiting on me to get home. Part of a recent spree. More pics to come. These are the mules, love them.
  10. We paddled about 1 mile, 1.6 km if my recollection is correct, to get there.
  11. No stiletto heels. In the middle of the Susquehanna River near Wrightesville PA. I'm on "My Island". Joe's Isle. My throne and the Royal Beer.
  12. Excellent look. Please continue in the for guys section. It's the only way we can two way and for the most part women have disappeared from the sight. Thinking about that in my opinion tech should just do away with 3 main categories anyway.
  13. All are very nice. The 2 madden pumps and your mules you wore Sunday are tops.
  14. Put some freaking heels on these. Adornment is worthless without heels.
  15. Getting paid to relax, ah vacation.
  16. Actually love the shape of the stilettos. Still too low for me but wow, real stilettos for men. That's a huge step. Soon you'll see nine west, guess and others follow suit. Then they will be everywhere and they will get higher.
  17. Was she also aware of your desire to wear heels?
  18. I really like the t-strap design. As for your pant leg catching, don't worry about it. Shoes are very flattering and dare I say sexy. Your nonchalant pant leg catch really adds to that in my opinion.
  19. Incredibly steep heels. Can you straighten your knees? the low cut round pumps are gorgeous, I wouldn't be able to wear them though.
  20. Both, me too. Love that actually.
  21. We all have our styles. Mine are stilettos. It's personal preference, for me a 5 inch thin heel placed just ahead of the back of my foot is easiest to walk in.
  22. How did you keep the combined images and movie under 500kb?
  23. Inspiration from @Melroseplant.
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