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  1. Bryan was not empathetic at all. I'm a straight male in heels but totally respect those who aren't. It takes incredible courage for people who transform. I have none of those urges but if I did I don't know if I'd have the strength to go through with it.
  2. Been a little while. I have another old pair of Maddens on. These also have a hidden platform, thicker than my Darrt. These are called Lipstyck, the manliness of names.
  3. Not any of us doubted you did. How long will the remodel take?
  4. I've been going yearly now as well. Had some removal in one ear last yr, this year clean. I worn a pair of 5 inch Mary Janes. The ladies all loved them, amazed how well I walked in them. Same with the dentist and family doctors office.
  5. Ah but there is. Crazy people are getting lengthening surgery. Me, just wear high heels. All kidding aside, I'm pretty sure kidding kneehighs was complimenting your proportions. Those heels look like they should be be there.
  6. I'm proud to say I have none of the above. No Facebook, no Twitter etc either. I like the seemingly closeness of this forum and have no desire for in your face low grade internet media. Never bothered and don't miss it.
  7. I'm a 90% daily wearer. Heels are my primary go to shoes. Unlike Melrose, I go with 5 inch just about all the time. I keep a large supply of replacement tips available for this reason.
  8. Mike you still have that pair of heels? Pretty old photo.
  9. I wear mine at work but I'd never interview that way. Took years, external public observations etc. People then knew well in advance that I was a high heeler. Also I'm a good producer. Finally, after I knew it would be OK, did I introduce my heels at work. Even, still only in my work area. Never around customers and obviously not in either the factory or engineering lab. Must know your audience for something perceived as outlandish to most as a man in heels.
  10. I may need to take some home.
  11. Sounds like fun. Not a career challenging interview. I wear my heels at work but never for a real interview.
  12. Today I've got my old 1969 leather pumps.
  13. Just wear your pumps, and get some stiletto boots. Works for me anyway. All year.
  14. I put this in this topic because I am at work this morning with these on. Anyway, I wanted to discuss platforms. I personally am not a fan since I find them to generally be clumpy and ungainly. I do have a few though but rarely find myself wearing them, well except these. These are Steve Madden Darrt pumps. They have about a 3/8" internal hidden platform. Best disguise I've ever seen. The soles are a bit stiff but still flexible just enough to walk in without the rolling effect of higher platforms. This style has been gone for a while now, but I wouldn't mind seeing it come back.
  15. It's another reason I prefer vamps with some toe cleavage. Sexier look and better fit. Good luck.
  16. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Answer carefully. I sometimes side step slightly.
  17. Just received several new heels. The X-Straps fit so well and the Slings are fun to wear.
  18. Your stride length, as expected, gets shorter with height. Don't sell yourself short, your step and legs in the 5 inch heels looks fine. Your knee bend is minimal and seems consistent from shoe to shoe. Thanks for the comparison shots. Your neighbors like mine are fully aware of your heels but must been wondering, what in the world is he doing". 🙂
  19. Nice clogs, how many do you have? You wear them out and about?
  20. Honestly not sure why anyone would need classes, unless your doing modeling. They don't walk like humans anyway. Heel to toe, heel to toe. If you can't straighten your during the step, lower your heel height. I've been walking in heels for 40 yrs now. People often say I do it well. I always just say I've been doing it for a long time.
  21. Send me an email and I'll hook you up
  22. Can't wear your steepness but still not bad. Had a long conversation with the check out lady at the grocery this morning. She came around to see them, black ones, up close. She asked about my red Mary Janes. I told they "They are doing fine".
  23. several new mules from AliExpress. These have very high and well supporting arches, incredibly comfortable. The blues ones are why I now have these others. My light beige ones are at work, pictured the other day.
  24. Just got these very light, almost white, mules.
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