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  1. They don't burr so actually don't snag on carpet. My floors at home have throw rugs and mostly bamboo with tile in the water rooms, kitchen and bath. Bamboo is much denser than oak and does not Mark. I've damaged oak and cheaper laminate with even plastic tips as they do wear and do have steel pins as well. Still, love the look and sound. Many women have told me they like them too. They look good since the match up well with the main shaft. I don’t do these on my covered heels. I have a whole series of pumps and boots with the same heel and have been converting them as needed.
  2. Been a while but still wearing them regularly. Today I have my rounded toed stilettos on. I reheeled the tips recently. Tapped out the shank and added a spacer and cap screw. Added about 3mm in height. I was getting tired of replacing the tips. Admittedly love the sound on cement and tiled floors. New heel tips
  3. OK, the geek is on. For all its imagery, Star Wars was a joke. Every weapon is manually aimed like a world War 2 anti aircraft gun. Oh, don't get me started on laser guns that recoil or putting all your ships in a line and using broadside cannons. Or how about dropping racks bombs over a target in a gravity free environment.
  4. Being of some advanced years I remember pole dancers, the kind you are thinking of, wore classic single sole pumps. I really miss those days, they looked so much better. Back in what seems to be the mid 90's this changed to platforms. I asked one dancer once why. She told me the shoes were just sturdier and lasted longer. Shoes were expensive and money was tight so it made since. None of them wore their work shoes afterwards, some switched to single sole pumps while most changed to sneakers. Platforms at the time were considered stripper shoes until the 2000's just as 5 in single soled heels were in the 80's. If this were 1985 I would have 200 plus pair of stripper heels. These days I wear them publicly with no issues when in 1985 even women would have been ridiculed.
  5. Agree, it's fun. Not an 8 inch rise. Those look to be about 4 inch rise. Easy to walk in. Use plats like these to paint ceilings. Not a fan visually of thick platforms, just me though.
  6. Fine with me. I have many, t-straps and slings too. Call me a femme shoe lover and wearer all you want, fine with me.
  7. Been a while since I posted. Nothings changed still heeling at the office, just pretty much what I have already shown. Today I'm wearing a lighter color. Taupe or light beige are really one of my favorite color for heels.
  8. Fine looking heels. I get not having lower heels. They just aren't sexy so they don't catch your eye. I fall into the same trap. It's OK though as once I put on my higher heel I feel better.
  9. Yikes, eliminate the platforms and lower the heel by the same amount, now you're talking. Sorry Tina, but those are butt ugly.
  10. Perfect pumps, I always prefer the heel shaped like these. Used to pumps were always this way. They aren't any higher but most modern styles use straight heels from the back to give the illusion of more height. This style is better balanced for stability and durability.
  11. Gas stations where I live are not so comfortable. Nice look in both cases.
  12. Fine looking pumps. I have found that rounded vamps can actually be less comfortable than almond shaped vamps. I also have found hose or other foot covering tend to cause my feet to slip forward into the vamp loading my toes a bit more, less friction. I'm wondering if your went barefoot in those if you would have had less long-term discomfort.
  13. Done it, but only once when I couldn't sit for even a minute I wished I didn't. Wore 4.75 inch nine west boots that I thought were comfortable until I stood on concrete for 2 hrs with no relief. Actually walking back to the car with my wife and one her friends was a bit relieving. I suggest you stand in a small area for at least half an hour. Don't sit, don't walk too much. If you start to feel soreness or cramps don't do it.
  14. That's nice. I like her pose, was that her truly relaxed or did the photographer suggest it. Either way hope you gave her a nice massage.
  15. You both look amazing. Who took the photo?
  16. I would say this is correct. We humans are animals after all. We tend to routine ourselves. Several of my routine travels have people also in routine so we see these strangers often. In my case, my Friday morning breakfast spot often has a certain ex female college basketball player who loves my heels. She's always telling me she looks forward to seeing what o have on. We have the same size feet but athletics ruined her feet, total arch collapse, so she can't wear heels.
  17. There is acceptance. I currently wear heels openly at work, 5 inch classic pumps. In years past these were considered CFM heels. I have no issues, been promoted and received large raises due to my work. When out in public I rarely get comments and when I do it's usually from women who love my shoes and wished they could wear such. To me that's acceptance.
  18. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Yah, I'm glad to say I'm forgetting the meaning myself having moved to winston-salem from syracuse. I did live on Omaha for 5 yrs along time ago, pre internet even.
  19. I think all black and the shape would look pretty good on you.
  20. Why are these heels too extreme for you? Is only because you can't handle the height or is it because you're worried about what others think? Hopefully the prior as a little, I mean little, practice and you shouldn't have any issues. These are really not very high relative to men's sizes. If it's the latter, then it's unfortunate and part of the problem.
  21. I admit that many times the 1st impressions people have had of me is "gay". It's not insult, just not the case. Once a conversation is struck that impression goes away. Been actually told this. Then the question is "why". I simply answer because I like to.
  22. I agree he likely meant nothing negative but he he should have picked up on the facial expressions. But instead he continued to proceed despite the obvious hurt feelings displayed. I've never been known for my understanding of others feelings, I'm known to be blunt. But even I could see his comments causing issues during the interview. Aside, I really likes Mark's sling backs.
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