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  1. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Your feet always swell on long flights. Good luck. Flew to and from Brazil in pumps, always tight on landing.
  2. I'll answer for him. After a while people expect to see you in heels. It's never really an issue simply because if you are you, you rapidly become accepted. I'm wearing 5 inch spike stilettos at work. I'm respected as an engineer, been promoted twice and earn 20k more per year since I've started wearing heels at work. Get comfortable and just be yourself.
  3. Ha, no pain no gain my friend. Looking good in deep red. Who's taking the long shot for you?
  4. Really like the pair in the upper photo.
  5. It's cyclic. They'll be back again just like before. This time I expect more unisex as heels are the last bastion to fall. Some of us are already pushing it. I wear 5 inch stilettos everywhere pretty much everyday. The positive reactions I get tell me acceptance is there, you just need to own it.
  6. Just received 8 more, what can I say, I'm addicted. these are the same make and heel as the slingbacks, asymmetric Mary Janes and low cut bar toe box heels I posted a little while back. They make me colors not advertised and usually ship in under 1 week even with the unique colors. Available through AliExpress. Two colors not shown are nude and black. Those are currently stored under my desk at work along with several other pairs.
  7. I have to agree, back in the day my shoes would mostly be considered just that. These days they are considered classic pumps, high but classic nonetheless.
  8. Cali, not sure I've ever seen you in a pair of CFM shoes. Curious what you consider CFM.
  9. Excellent look my friend. Perfect summer attire.
  10. Yep, pretty good quality and excellent fitting heels. I have many Hey Si Mey pumps and two ankle boots. They also sport heels that are not at the very back of the shoe or go straight down. More an 60's or 80's hourglass. Perfectly balanced and easy to walk in.
  11. I agree with Mr. X. 50% or more of my heels were pre-owned. I like the idea of not having to break in heels. When I do move on I do try to sell those that are in better shape, many buyers. Usually sell for under $25 including shipping, so not making any money, but still I'll admit I like knowing another guy and occasionally lady likes my heels enough to wear them. If they don't sell they get donated.
  12. Protection js protection, PVC is PVC so just use whatever as long as you mark the pipe so the next guy knows what you did. Most U.S. states require a "certified" electrician to do all work. Melrose does high end jobs but most house wiring is super simple. It's the old, bull shit, union rules that got legislated in that you need to be aware of. I have rewired multiple homes (not 100% just sections), as long as it isn't overly obvious most home inspectors will never know the difference. Most of those guys are failed contractors who weaseled there way into a well paying position requiring no actual output.
  13. It's a shame they don't wear comfortably as they look great. But I'm still of the feeling that set back heels are poorly engineered. They do it to give the impression the heel is higher, which it is, even though the shoe sole is not.
  14. Great looking but 800 lbs is still way too much. Personally I prefer the leather soles and how they wear. I have one very old pair, soles are smooth as a babies backside, uppers super worn in. So the rubber soles are unnecessary as the uppers will wear out faster anyway. These better be public wear heels or it's a shame.
  15. That's a shame that these are uncomfortable, they are attractive. I know someone who'd be willing to try them should you decide to move on.
  16. The flare is minimal and presents well over your heels. The flared pants only work with heels in my opinion.
  17. Nice post. They actually look good even with the platform.
  18. The former, right at the entrance The grate culprit. I didn't actually step into it directly but as I was walking my heel tip just caught an inside edge of one if the openings. The sudden stop combined with the natural movement as my body mass didn't immediately stop caused my other foot to swing forward and it connected with my stuck foot already out of position. Suddenly my entire body mass is forward of both feet and down I went. All this in a split second.
  19. I wiped out on a grate inside local grocery about a month ago carring a case of beer. Never saw it. Went down hard on my left hip and ended up with a deep bone bruise. No damage to my heels and saved the case of beer. Bruise lasted two weeks turned many colors. Message, bring you cart in to the beer cooler, watch wear you step but seriously keep wearing the stilettos.
  20. Kneehighs, do you have any feelings about who should win this war? Clearly Ukraine should triumph and Putin should be eliminated. Not likely the outcome but life is not fair. Russian people don't know any better, we get that. But despots like Putin need to die.
  21. Absolutely. Amazing family of pumps from Maiernisi via alliexpress. They offer 3 colors officially but have made me 13. Highly recommend, well made even for Chinese shoes.
  22. Been a couple weeks. Today I have a proper color match.
  23. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Melrose is the ultimate pipe crawl in go to town on the clog. He can go in feet first and use his heels to break it up.
  24. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    People who see me only occasionally often remember me. Has to be because they see me in real 5 inch stiletto heels. It does leave a mark. I love it and own it like you Cali and Melrose among a few others here.
  25. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Thanks, how it works in the real world. Delivery is more important than creativity.
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