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  1. Yeah, the best are the black cotton socks ! And for sure the heels are max. 4 inches.
  2. Yeah, darkmoon, you´re right. Heels look much better on a nice girl. But have you ever tried a pair of yourselve, just to get the feeling. I´ve tried and now i`m dependent, like many other Heel Junkys, here in this Forum.
  3. I´ve seen some great heels by Lanvin, especialy the collection from Spring/Sommer 2011. They had some breathtaking Sandals
  4. Hi Hansi, i have now also registered and i´m glad to meet people from my home country. Greetings Oliver P.S. I will send a pm to you !
  5. Hello everybody, I´m new in this forum, My real name is Oliver and I am living in the Southwest Area in Germany, but i was born in the "Ruhrgebiet". Since i can remember I have been a lover of high heels. I like classic pumps, but also refined sandals. The favourite heel size is about 4,5 to 5 inches (by regular womens feet). I also like wearing heels by myself, but only indoor...! I´m delighted to be here and to communicate with you!
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