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  1. Saw them just after they sold out and have never seen them on Ebay or other sites.
  2. 19 pairs of heels (3 3/4" to 6 1/2") and 5 pair of male shoes .
  3. No Steve63130 I don't expect I will be wearing them out in the real world, the only obstacles I will encounter will be the cat.
  4. Ordered some heels from Light in the box a site based in China, the first picture is what was advertised, the others are as they arrived. the rear strap is out of alignment with the heel and is too short. A pity as apart from that they are very comfortable, just a bit of quality control and they could have been great.
  5. Never saw these in the shops until after they sold out, Devastated !
  6. Be careful not to try higher temperatures, the trial at 65c caused the glue to melt and the sole to detach.
  7. Been having problems with tight shoes, tried the freezing method with little success, so I tried going the other way, placed a pair in the oven and started to warn it up, after a bit of experimentation I found that 60deg C was high enough and kept them in for about 15 mins,at this temperature, after which I took them out and put them on and wore them until they had cooled. Obviously this will not work with leather shoes !
  8. Went to a large department store to pick up the shoes that I had ordered. I handed the collection order to a young male sales assistant who then disappeared into the stock room. He quickly returned empty handed and looking flustered, handed me back the papers saying "Their not there ! " and run off to serve another customer. A senior female assistant had seen this and went over to speak to him. She then came over to me asked for the collection order, disappeared into the stock room and came back carrying the shoes and apologizing profusely, It seemed it was the lads first day on the shop floor, I think he is in for a steep learning curve if he is going to remain in retail and maybe the store should be doing a bit more training before they let them loose on the public!
  9. Hope to pick these up on Saturday, Going back to safe and boring Black ?
  10. Thanks Dr Shoe, that probably explains why their assistants don't seem to have much information about the stock.
  11. Yes I have tried most of them and flea bay but nothing yet,
  12. Has any one here worn these shoes ( Pic Attached I hope !) I only saw them after they became unavailable from Schuh. So I will now have to wait until they start apearing on E-Bay. Also do you know how Schuh products sizes run out,
  13. Well it’s great to see people are looking back over the old posts. As an up date I can announce that I have ventured out wearing heels on several occasions and locations since the original post back in 2005, and have not had any bad reactions, but I seem to have to go through the whole confidence building thing every time. But as I stated before I am not giving up “It’s a part of ME !” Thanks to all for the continued support !!!
  14. Thanks Folks, haven't got out there yet, and won't untill after the new year when I get home! In answer to Iggy Ze's question, M&S / Don't remember / Heyway / M&S / Dominia
  15. I have been posting in another thread (being out there) and thought that I may be able to gain the confidence to get out in heels with the support of the forum. So do you think I would get away with any of these shoes in public?
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