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Entry No. 5 - New Woman, A Purge And The Start Of The Umpteenth Collection



Since my last entry, quite a lot has happened. I met a lovely lady who is now very much part of my life :) Not long after meeting her I had a moment of weakness and confusion and went against my self imposed promise of never getting rid of my entire collection of heels and purged my flat of all womens shoes. Gutted. Especially since doing it I told her all about my passion for heels and womens footwear in general and she is totally cool about it. She said she's happy for me to wear them around the house but wasn't too sure about me wearing them out locally with her around which is totally fine with me because I'm not particularly confident about doing that either. She did however hint at us going out in a town where we don't know anyone and going walking in heels.

I still feel a bit weird about wearing them around her which I put down to years of feeling shame about it. But it's getting easier as time passes and I feel like I can openly talk about it whenever I want. It's quite a relief just being able to rabbit on about it whenever I want.

I have since invested in a couple of new pairs both of which were imported from the US from Barefoottess.com (great website for the larger footed man/woman!). Expensive but well worth it. Pics below...

I've not done any public walking in heels or flats since my last outing but I feel like I'd like to again sometime. I'm really gutted I don't have those Steve Madden flats I went out in the first time because they were great for that. I'm sure a similar pair will turn up somewhere.

Anyway, more to follow....as and when stuff happens. Happy heeling folks!

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You have great taste. I love pointed toed pumps and flats. I especially love the metal tipped pumps in your profile picture. I should have bought some of those when they were popular. Unfortunately, I haven't had the money to splurge lately.


Please do yourself a favor and do not purge again. It really does no good. It only costs you more money and resentment. You owe it to yourself and anyone you come into a relationship with to just be honest. If they do not like you for who you are then they are not the one anyway.

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