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blog-0189131001371677268.jpgBeen talking about it forever but not actually done it yet - this is the start of my HHBlog. I'm not really much of a blogger - don't do social media bla bla but I figured this'd be a good opportunity for me to explore and try to understand/accept my passion for heels and maybe help some others along the way. I've been a closet heeler for years and always felt a sense of shame and like I am weird and out of the ordinary. There's no doubt this is born out of a fetish for such shoes but it extends way beyond that now. Maybe it's because I am so used to seeing myself in "womens" shoes (and clothes sometimes!) but I think I look good in them and feel very comfortable (in my own company) wearing them.

If anyone has any thoughts on my ramblings I'd be most interested to hear them.



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