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Technicolor technicalities




Hey everyone, good week so far? Would be good to hear from you guys.

As my shoe collection approaches some semblance of normality, I was thinking about favourite colours.

Fashion-wise, colours for me fall into two categories; neutral and highlight. I normally dress neutrally, and accessorise with highlights.

My favourite neutral colour is black, by far. I have so much in black; skirts, tops, and shoes - lots of them - 60 to be exact.

That said, shoes are normally my weapon of choice when it comes to chosing the highlight colour. For example, one of my favourite getups recently has been a knee-length simple black dress, purple shoes and a purple sash around my waist. The black is such a great canvass and highlights the other colours amazingly.

Which brings me onto my favourite highlight colour - and favourite colour overall - purple.

Given the choice, I'll always try and buy my favourite styles in purple before black. Problem is, it's such a rare colour, particularly on designer brands. I've got just 13 pairs of purple shoes to my name.

Cait is the same as me. She digs black. Her favourite colour though is bright yellow and hot pink. She has has a pair of Louboutin Hypers in both pink and yellow.

I'm not so sure about yellow on its own, but I have to admit the contrast with black is just amazing.

But my favourite shoes? Has to be my plumes; black with purple accents. The best of both worlds.



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'Would be good to hear from you guys'

well i will!

I dont know if its me but there has been alot more purple in shoes this season and last,its one of my fav colours as well.

I got a great pair of westwoods in a deep pink suede and the same in black suede which look really cool.

I tend to like chocolate brown as well seem to have quite a few pairs of shoes and boots in this colour.

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Purple was popular last season and continues to be this season. It's my favourite colour like I say, and I think it looks great with black. Brown is an underrated colour as it comes in so many different shades; chocolate brown is great, and beige is a nice, neautral colour.

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Yellow always goes with white.  And it can get pretty saucey with the right kind of dress.

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