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  1. Bet that stripper was easy to spread - - - !!!
  2. North or south side of the river.
  3. Kohl's ???
  4. Good to hear that worked.
  5. Yikes - - too hot for me. It's brisk 15 deg F and I have yet to dig out a winter coat.
  6. You did just fine with the combo as is.
  7. Understood.
  8. Ohhhhh - - Those look a half size too big, but that bulge makes me think you have a high arch, and those don't seem to fit right.
  9. Will see - - I make no guarantee's at this point.
  10. Try taking metatarsal work boots, hard hat, mill greens, and safety gear when traveling. Leaves little room for the fun stuff.
  11. I had thought about this, but every time I wear something above 3", I seem to have to go through another security checkpoint, and have to rush to my gate. Last trip I had 2 minutes to spare on one layover. Had I been in heels, I might not have made it.
  12. Couldn't find the comments other than a few from the UK Daily Mail. I'm curious to see where the bad comments originate from.
  13. I wish I wasn't saying this, but that's not what I'm seeing. Get out in the rural areas, and the shift you mentioned seems to heading the other way.
  14. I haven't seen too much, but I will say the Neanderthal Neocons around these parts or much more vocal.
  15. Last couple women I saw wearing heels were wearing flairs - - - Kingwood Mall - Black Friday weekend. Oh - - Haven't seen anyone wearing heels since.
  16. Some of us were - - and some still are.
  17. Good question - I think it boils down to 'do they have too'. For a lot of guys, there is absolutely no reason to. Then again, some of the wives don't dress much beyond the men. Just go to any Walmart in the rural areas.
  18. Oh hell - I don't think Sears, Macy's, Nordstrom's or any of the big chains really know what men want. If they did they might be doing better than they are. As for Alejandro Gomez Paloma and his designs - - Not really any stranger than some of the other designers put out there for men. Mens fashion really hasn't changed much in the last 50 years. Jeans and t-shirts are just that. The three piece suit is pretty much the same with different cuts. About the only thing that has changed is that men don't wear Fedora's any more. As a whole, men no longer dress up unless they have too
  19. Past experience says go with the Kiss styles. Comfortable enough for longer periods, and sturdy enough to last.
  20. I disliked both of them - - - Boy am I screwed.
  21. No, it's a guy in the men's room wearing women's attire - - - you know that ain't allowed. I'm sure our current congress would have the deplorables all up in arms. You should hear some of the bullxxxx coming out of the mouths of the people I have to work with. Don't get me wrong, these are good guys that would bend over backwards if you in a serious jam, but show up in attire not considered "good ole' boy" and they are done with you.
  22. Congress won't have time to worry about this unless it becomes a transgender bathroom issue. - - - """ Oh no - It's a guy in the men's room wearing heels and a skirt - - he's gonna scar Billy Bob for life!!!"""" And yes, I can see this!
  23. Not really a fan of Trump, and I wasn't a fan of Hillary either - - I went third party. I can think of one thing to do with that long red tie - - - It's already around his neck - - - !!!!
  24. Oohhhhh - - - - You have no idea!!
  25. If you only dig out a shirt and tie once a year, you usually discover to late (as in 10 minute before your supposed to leave) that the shirt no longer fits.