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  1. I can't view the first view, it's one of those 'not available for your country' vids. Goddamn copyrights mafia! 2nd vid I can't help escape the notion that it doesn't help the image of guys wanting to wear heels, but reinforce the idea that its a gay thing, as I'm getting a strong gay vibe from that guy.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if they are only for on camera. Once the director calls cut, they're probably off. Maybe they're required to wear heels on camera, maybe they just want to look good on camera, I'm more leaning towards the female vanity thing. In my country I've noticed that of the female news presenters who wear heels during the news they generally seem to be wearing the same pair every time. So they probably keep them in their dressing rooms. At the university where I work I've noticed that the law faculty has more students wearing high heels, and higher high heels, then all the other faculties combined. Still not much but I do notice it. Take it for what its worth. There's a breakfast news show here in the Netherlands that has two female news presenters who alternate every two days. One of them looks picture perfect, nicely toned legs, always wears 5" Louboutins, highest I've seen on news presenters in the Netherlands, and she also does a lot of dangling. It can't be because of the director because whenever the director zooms out and we get a nice dangling shot to watch, half of the time they're obscured by a bar of scrolling news text. Still, always a good day to wake up too. The other presenter unfortunately looks like a peasant in comparison. She also wears heels, but mostly 3", maybe 3.5" ankle boots, they look so low in comparison, and you never see her dangle.
  3. Pleaser gets a bad rep for selling Chinese made heels (read: cheap), but generally they tend to very wearable. I found them to be a lot more comfortable then more expensive brands that cost 2x or 3x times as much. Took me some time to find out my real size though.
  4. In all fairness the US is a superpower with the biggest deployable military in the world. Whatever it wants to do impacts the rest of the world. For better or for worse. We're still reaping the fallout of Dubya's desire to finish what his daddy had started. The whole Middle East, which sits next to Europe, not the US, is still utterly destabilized because of that. A million socalled refugees have walked to Europe and we will still be reaping that fallout in Europe, in demographic changes, in possible failed integration in our societies, for decades to come. So yeah, whoever the US electorate elects, we will be interested, we will be concerned and we will probably express how we feel about that. .
  5. Thing is, on the one hand its a good thing for both men and women to have a separate places for themselves where they can talk freely among each other, without the fear of being offensive to the other sex. On the other hand I seem to be able to read all the threads in the for the girls section anyway, and they can read ours, so I'm having a hard time seeing the point for separate sections.
  6. Plants are living creatures too. Just because they don't make noise doesn't mean they don't react to stimuli. Because animals look cuddly and make noises we kid ourselves that eating only plants does not make us monsters. If they could plants would disagree. In the end everything eats each other in some form. They will have to make me give up eating meat at gun point. It's just too damn tasty. I can do without lots of things. I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, I try not to drink soft drinks, I avoid sweets wherever possible, but meat? NEVER!!! Because the universe has a perverse sense of humor a lot of the women I meet and am attracted too turn out to be vegetarian. If there's such a thing as reincarnation I'll probably return as a pig or chicken.
  7. People are making nasty falls everywhere, even without heels. Take comfort in that. I saw a girl fall down with her bike in the weekend. Lots of wet leaves on the ground while being busy on your mobile phone does not make for a good combo whilst cycling.
  8. If you keep on repeating nonsense it becomes true in the minds of people. To most women heels are at best something only to worn at parties or events. Too painful and/or uncomfortable for daily wear. A mysogist tool according to rapid feminists. That's what everybody keeps saying therefore it must be true. Of course it doesn't help that few can walk in them right away. One has to learn how to walk in them. If one never walks in heels, or at best only once a year, yeah, then they will be uncomfortable and you will look ridiculous walking in them. Practice, ladies! It said that it takes 10.000 hours of practice to become really good at something. I'm not sure if that same number applies to walking in heels, but even if its only 10% of that number that's still a hell of a lot more then that once of a year office party. It doesn't help that the market is also glutted by cheap Chinese knock offs. And if the majority of women have ill fitting bras, because they chose the wrong sizes, then is it any stretch of the imagination to think that heels, which get worn a lot less, are chosen poorly in even greater numbers? A sad state of affairs. A women who knows how to walk well in heels is a sight of feminine grace. One that will turn heads when she walks past on the street. A woman in sneakers just looks like a badly dressed peasant.
  9. For a solo recording artists his or her band members are faceless mercenaries. Unless its a renowned artist in his or her own right nobody gives a crap about them, so why should Graham? He's got Robbie Williams in the hot seat to play with.
  10. Those look like shoes I see on shoespie or alibaba all the time. Then again, every time I order its never quite the same.
  11. Then why do Italian wonen still wear heels in theater numbers? Their streets are even worden then Western European. The decline is culturally driven, with wonen becoming more masculine.
  12. I'm not surprised. Style and culture have been on the decline for a long time. There are people who think that dressing up means putting on their best training suit.
  13. Spelling of the true story, considering the movie never followed up on this, did it actually work for that show factory? Are they still in business and under what name?
  14. The thing with crossdressers, the extremely annoying thing, is that while The vast majority of them are straight men, almost all the famous ones that People see are gay. And often flaming gay. So its no wonder that in the minds of the public crossdressers equals gay. Have fun debunking that!
  15. Feminists in Western culture are like the unions of old. They both achieved their goals long ago and now keep on going because to admit that they have won means admitting they are basically irrelevant. So they both keep on going with ever more stricter and ludicrous behavior and demands. Although I'm more then willing to admit that at least the unions still have some legitimacy with growing numbers of zero hour and temporary contracts.