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  1. I started from 95 kg, and changed only two things : no sugar in my coffee (at 5 per day it made a difference) and no snacks in the evening when I clear the table and kitchen after the kid is leeping (the hardest). Unfortunately during this period I was hardly able to have a physical activity (working at a desk 9:00 to 20:00, no stairs, no public transport, only reachable by car) and ankle problem. The result is I lost fat, a lot of muscle, Now at 79 kg, the love handles are the only thing that did not disappear. Forget about them.
  2. Seemingly only. Thanks goodness, thinks the fashion industry.
  3. She doesn't believe a word of what she says, is she ?
  4. I wore wedge booties to the swimming pool today. A new experience: getting your heels on in the middle of a small crow.
  5. SwedeHeeler, I think your body shape is well proportioned. You may loose a few kg or better transform it into muscle to increase your well being. On my side I fall exactly 90° both from you and mlroseplant : at 192 cm, I decided to keep my weight around 80 kg in order to reduce the pressure on my ankles, but I also lost muscle in the process (and no bone unfortunately !).
  6. Maybe they have an agreement with Acne for the Iggy boots ?
  7. One advantage for her is accepting her man dressed like this makes her unique. Women like to be unique regarding fashion. Also, she will be sure, as she is the only one accepting this yet (at least locally), that other women are not interested by her man.
  8. It is incredible how marketing leads people to say strange things.
  9. Yes and now looking for style inspiration is rather unsafe. " men in heels" keyword now leads (apart from freestyle) not only to well identified adult sites (easily avoided), but also to really inspiring posts of undefined (straight or not) guys in heels, mixed within the collection of pictures of gay tumblr owners who display unpleasant adult content here and there. For example, I wanted to add a link to a picture like this when I discovered some disappointing addtions in the rest of the associated Tumblr. Thus no link.
  10. I wore these booties at work for a few weeks. The heel is relatively small (2 inch) and well hidden. Two years ago I wore dayly some cowgirl boots with an apparent heel (2") but I stopped since I didn't like the look. It is relatively difficult with my size (12 or 13) to find work-friendly heels. So all in all this is the boldest I am at work. But I don't hide under my desk.
  11. Well in the last years, gay guys did not wear heels. It was reserved to straight crossdressers or straight freestylers. So I see it as a progress
  12. Well usually women count on their man (strong and not heeled) to take them out of touchy moments.
  13. I say if your employer wants to fire you, he may use any excuse anyway. (ie wrong color of shirt, etc.). Then you can contest (in France), and it takes years before you get some compensation asking help to the justice system. Meanwhile you find another job (don't count on the compensation as a living, at least for several years), go ahead and forget about that. The best is to do the job as best as you can, including presenting yourself as required so that you can achieve your objectives. The heels do not change anything apart that it may give him another one.
  14. I am lost in the analogy. You mean cgllc1860's wife brought her marriage to a "healthy" condition and now cgllc1860 is willing to change a few things that are not so insignificant ? I know this. You thought the relationship / marriage would fill in the voids in your existence that you used to patch with the fetish, but in fact it acted on an another level, leaving them as claiming as they were initially. Try to find how the fetish can fuel the marriage, even if you use it without your wife knowing.
  15. The way I see it, these designer were attending some competitions. Among all what they could propose, they chose heels for their male models and thought they could win this way Getting prepared for an everyday outing, men can soon choose heels and be sure they win in their business ?