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  1. The place looks chic. While they surely host familly events, they also know about entertaining adults (bar, danse etc.) without shoking the youngest. To me Adam's attire (on the picture) is too much provocative, even worn by a girl, for attending the bar before 23:00.
  2. I never thought about custom made shoes. You can google "bottier femme" to get more choices.
  3. I think you have to raise the level of the rest of your outfit to match the shoes. Or was it to have them stand even more out ?
  4. I suggest both of you have your wives talk together. That could resolve the problem for both. On any topic (kids, familly, clothes, car, furniture, holidays, health), when I propose something new to my wife, she would be half (or lower) convinced. It can take months without agreement (or disagrement) on her side. Then suddenly she would accidentally meet a friend / her cousin / an unknown other woman at the hair dresser / (in fact anybody) suggesting her something regarding this same topic (of course reaching the same conclusion). Then she will be 2 /3 third convinced. Best
  5. Yep there should definitely exist national contact points representing hhplace.
  6. You mean she might think you may have greater chances of cheating on her because she will not - as a woman - be able to fulfill all your desires ?
  7. Perhaps he uses the same trick as Peter Parker ?
  8. Have you already met people dressed like that ?
  9. Hi Macky, As was stated in a dedicated post, dealing with "the bulge" in leggings is not trivial and a good idea is to add some long top to cover it. I know professional dancers are proudly showing theirs. But hardly anybody go to the dance theater nowadays. And if they go they stand far from the scene. Thus many people may find it disturbing, especially where they bring their kids. How do you deal with that ?
  10. I started from 95 kg, and changed only two things : no sugar in my coffee (at 5 per day it made a difference) and no snacks in the evening when I clear the table and kitchen after the kid is leeping (the hardest). Unfortunately during this period I was hardly able to have a physical activity (working at a desk 9:00 to 20:00, no stairs, no public transport, only reachable by car) and ankle problem. The result is I lost fat, a lot of muscle, Now at 79 kg, the love handles are the only thing that did not disappear. Forget about them.
  11. Seemingly only. Thanks goodness, thinks the fashion industry.
  12. She doesn't believe a word of what she says, is she ?
  13. I wore wedge booties to the swimming pool today. A new experience: getting your heels on in the middle of a small crow.
  14. SwedeHeeler, I think your body shape is well proportioned. You may loose a few kg or better transform it into muscle to increase your well being. On my side I fall exactly 90° both from you and mlroseplant : at 192 cm, I decided to keep my weight around 80 kg in order to reduce the pressure on my ankles, but I also lost muscle in the process (and no bone unfortunately !).
  15. Maybe they have an agreement with Acne for the Iggy boots ?