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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgVuvWc-jCI So there!..
  2. The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin, BUT it's the live version because it's in a different key than the studio version!..lol
  3. I own about 8 pair of cowboy boots, only two of which are mens that I rarely wear.. Mens sizes are just too big, so much so, I can't wear them without stuffing 2 insoles in them.. Corral's are nice but they are a bit narrow for me.. I go a size larger.. Old Gringo used to make a few pair with higher heels, and I've seen a few newer styles nearing 3 inches.. Great quality, and style to die for, but they are not cheap.. I believe it was Dan Post that I saw recently that has a few womens boots with heels around 3 inches..
  4. So many great albums in the 70's, but by far my favorite is Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd..
  5. Just a note:.. If you do hit Wellington mall, remember where you parked.. I always get lost in that damned place...lol. As for Cityplace, Clematis Street, and all the downtown area, even though I'm just a few blocks from there, I rarely go there..There's nothing of interest to me there.. I don't even go to the movie theater there.. Cityplace would be a good place durring the day I think, but in the evening when the restaurants and bars kick into full swing, it gets crowded and the whole place takes on the ambiance of a snobby bunch of a-holes.. Lot of kids there in the evenings too.. If you like antiques, you might try some of the shops on Dixie Hwy. (US-1).. They stretch from just north of Belvedere rd. south past Forest Hill blvd... In a few spots there are quite a few shops within walking distance of one-another.. Downtown Lake Worth, just south of WPB; might be a good evening place... I've been out in downtown Lake Worth in heels a few times, and given it's reputation as being more friendly to alternate lifestyles, I would have thought the reception would be better... Only time I ever got any crap from anyone was in downtown Lake Worth... Kids!..Go figure.. A walk down Worth Ave. On Palm Beach might be interesting... I think anywhere In the town of Palm Beach would be fine.. If anything else pops in my brain, I'll post it..
  6. ^What Rockpup said, x2...
  7. The only preconcieved notion I have is that I would probably hurt myself if I tried it...
  8. I cut the cable and threw out the dish, so it's whatever I can find on youtube, Crackle, and hulu... Usually science and educational stuff..
  9. Cool boots.. I've been wanting a pair like those for a while.. Mad props to the guy wearing them..
  10. Thought maybe I'd been spotted... Wrong side of the pond though.. I keep a eye out, but I've still not seen another guy in heels out and about..
  11. Like ! I have a couple pair.. "Alpine" boots in my avatar, and the other pairs' name I can't recall..
  12. I like the look, and I'd like to try it.. I think first though, I'd like to try skinny jeans with a pair of ankle boots because I'm not to certain about myself in pumps.. A little off topic, but I'd like to try skinny jeans with flat heel knee high boots as well..
  13. Some I like.. Some I don't..
  14. All I would offer is the advice: Be yourself... If that's what you want to do, do it while you are younger, because the older you get the more difficult it will be later on.
  15. I saw it in theatre.. Sitting there (in heels, btw) going "I want those!"...