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  1. want-hh added a post in a topic Every time is a first time!   

    Hey, thanks for the approvals!! Didn't expect so much good feedback!! Will definitely post future "new times".
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  2. want-hh added a post in a topic Every time is a first time!   

    Haha, that must be funny to see Dr.Shoe!! Majo, I must say I am living in London till the end of the year. I don't think I would do the same thing in Buenos Aires....
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  3. want-hh added a topic in For Everybody   

    Every time is a first time!
    So I've been wearing heels occasionally for about 7 years i guess, and every time I go out its a first time in a different way. Maybe the first time is at 3 am on a tuesday winter morning for 10 paces. The it's the first time you do a 3 minute walk, first time out to a bar, first time without sneakers in your bag (just in case) or first time out during the day. Today it was my first 7 hour out of home in high heel boots with quite skinny jeans. No hiding the heels under long flared jeans, in the car or at night. WOW what a rush!!! Walked down 3 floors and out to the street to take the tube, which is about 8 blocks away, change lines and walk a couple of blocks into university. I had dome this twice before, but with long jeans. Today was a first with skinny jeans. Didn't look back too often, but some people look back once you've walked by them. Of course if you look at people, they tend to look away, but it's a fun game that goes on with the looks. I'm a lazy writer, but I can say 2 things: 1, lucky women who can wear heels whenever. and 2; at one moment you will forget you have heels on if you wear them long enough. When you suddenly remember and are in the middle of town in heels, that's a great feeling!! Cheers to first times!!!!

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  4. want-hh added a post in a topic cell phone use   

    I tried it last week with my iphone!! Works great once you get used to continuously zooming in and out.
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  5. want-hh added a topic in For the guys   

    Paris 9th arrondissement outing
    I'm just back from a bar in the 9th arrondissement in Paris, went out for drinks with my girlfriend and cool sister. We walked about 30 blocks, me in my 3 inch Calvin Klein pumps under flared jeans. This was about 10 pm - midnight. I think very few people noticed my heels even though they made quite a lot of noise. That was quite a fun rush. I've been out in heels occasionally for more than 4 years now, and every heel outing is always a rush!!!!! What do Parisians say? Is it a good neighborhood for heeling?
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  6. want-hh added a post in a topic Second Experience Out   

    Superb shoes!!! Way to go!!
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  7. want-hh added a post in a topic Size conversion   

    Thanks! I forgot to ask if UK size = US size. I ordered a size 14 US and could have worn 1 leg as a skirt!!!!!!!! I want to order another pair that will fit.
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  8. want-hh added a post in a topic About my new avatar   

    Roz, that pic made me remember a game where you had to walk with your feet over small buckets and hold these with strings. Does someone remember those?
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  9. want-hh added a post in a topic High heels collection   

    I've got 10: 2 pairs of sandals (wedge 4 inch, and platform 4 inch) 4 pairs of ankle boots, black, brown and beige (haha for jazz fans) 1 pair of platform patent shoes 5 inch 1 pair of stripper sandals (pvc platform)!! 1 pair of stilettos black, poiny and 4 inch high 1 pair of knee high boots I only wear 3 pairs outside regularly.
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  10. want-hh added a post in a topic BeBe - Heels a requirement?   

    I HOPE YOU GET THE JOB IF THAT'S YOUR WISH!!! Haha, this is like a series, can't wait to know how it will continue!!
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  11. want-hh added a topic in General Fashion   

    Size conversion
    What trousers size (say 8, 10, 12) should I but if I wear 30/31 x 34 jeans? Thanks!!!
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  12. want-hh added a topic in General Fashion   

    Recommend bootcut jeans
    Hi, need some help. I'm looking for a pair of womens bootcut jeans to get the sexy shape men's jeans don't have. I want the shape, but not too obvious feminine jeans, so I can wear them everyday, anywhere. I've seen many online but would like to have some advice. Thanks a lot!!
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  13. want-hh added a post in a topic Busted on Prom Night   

    Great story!! If you had had a lock on your door you would'nt have been cought and would'nt have ben able to write this story. I thought it was a shame your sex act was interrupted, but its the price to pay for a good story. Better luck next time!!
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  14. want-hh added a post in a topic boots contest!   

    Hotbootguy!, those are great looking boots and jeans. They look excellent together. What are they? Thanks, good pics.
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  15. want-hh added a post in a topic Shopping for heels: try them on?   

    Today I went into two Nine West shops and tried on a pair of boots in each. Sales women didn't have a problem with that. At Macys I asked for a size 11 and the woman said "you are lucky, Nine West runs up to size 11". I replied "I know, that's why I am here" (no problem there) After that I went into a payless. Sales women seemed to have no problem, but another buyer (woman) seemed to be a bit affraid. She didn't leave though, she went on shopping, but at a prudent distance. Haha!!!!
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