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Selling some shoes, Sizes 11-12


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(Posted a similar post in the wrong area; hopefully That one gets deleted. 
Also this will be the last place I try to get my shoes sold before I surrender and have them donated to a Thrift Shop)

Hello one, hello all!
It's been awhile, or nice to meet you! I am here today with a [shoe] closet cleanout! I have a few pair that I've been trying my darnest to get rid of via other means, but no one has struck up a conversation to proceed further :( (And I absolutely despise eBay anymore so that's completely out the question. I'll faster donate my ENTIRE closet than to do business with them again)

So here I am once again, on the forums where I discovered "wow...I'm so glad I'm not alone on this heel thing!" here to offer you all a chance to score a pair or two of the heels I'm looking to - dare I say - profit from! They're all numbered (and circled) so follow along now!~

#1 - YRU "Nightcall" - $50 - Okay This is a unique case of "should I or wait" because...the shoes are mismatched sizes! Left shoe is a 12 (my size!) but the right is an 11. And unfortunately, I contacted them farrr after the return policy to get a refund so they've been in storage. I could "wait" until they finally restock and exchange them, but the summer is becoming a distant memory, and these are a special case where these might be a one-and-done deal.

#2 - Charla Tedrick bootie "size 12" - $50 - Loved these booties when they arrived, hype died down soon after. They are studded heel-And-toe so be careful how you handle them!

#3 - YRU "Qozmo" "size 11" - $40 - Worn them a handful of times, to the point of them slightly peeling from the platform! Perfect buy if anyone wishes to repair them and put them through their paces; otherwise, I might donate them. They were also very snug when I wore them (as a mainly Size 12 guy) so Size 10s might be lucky with them!

#4 - Brash boots "size 12" - $30 or less in the states - So I've never worn them. Like, at all. But the look of them would tell you otherwise. That said, these aren't even worth the push from me to be honest. I'll likely donate them if they don't bite here.

O (circled) shoes - Brash wedges "size 12" - $40 TOGETHER - That's right. I'm selling Both of them together, NO separating! Solo, they're worth less in my opinion but Together, they're worth the price of one pair [at the time] so essentially...two for the price of one :D 

I'll let you know if I can cover shipping or not, but generally for me if you're in the US, I Should be fine with covering shipping. Otherwise, DM me or post here if you have any questions! :) 


Formally "HHDude"

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So a bump + an update so that the "bump" isn't assumed to be the only reason for posting:

I've decided to donate #3 and #4. I'm likely not gonna draw anyone's attention for them. As stated, #3 needs super/hot glue + whatever else possibly to make them like new, and #4 is just a worn-out pair that's been in "storage": dusty, looks cheap, and Payless'/Brash's attempt at a tough bootie.

In their places come #5, #6, and #7! (or the blue, white, and black!)

#5 - [blue] Bumper "heel-less" shoes, Size 11 - $20 (bit more overseas) - As you can see, the material is wearing off of the shoe themselves so any creative shoe "refreshers" could do well with a blank slate; otherwise, soon to be donated. Size 12s be wary: they are quite tight & likely needs breaking in.

#6 - [white] dress shoes from JustFab, Size 12 - $30 - Never worn, just been sitting in its original box since purchased

#7 - [black] YRU flatforms, Size 12 - $30 - Same as above, been sitting in the box since purchased, though I've now put these in storage. I am willing to part with them, as they are more suited for all-black wearings, or those into the culture. Though still suited for everyday wear~




Formally "HHDude"

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