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Talking to your kids about HH

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23 hours ago, mlroseplant said:

Latest update on my 10 year old son: To briefly recap for those of you who didn't read the other post, my 10 year old is only a size smaller than me now, and he decided he was going to try on some of my lower heels, discovered he could actually walk in them, and then proceeded to wear them all weekend, much to his mama's dismay.

Now a few weeks have gone by, and he has worn heels around the house a couple of times, but doesn't really seem all that interested, which is probably good in the end. I did just buy him a new pair of trainers! One thing I couldn't help noticing is that the women's shoes (which are the exact same style, exact same model name as the men's and boys') came in 53,486 colors, whereas the men's and boys' came in 3 colors. I'd be buying from the women's section, but he wanted.  .  . wait for it.  .  . BLACK. So no cross referencing was necessary.

Thanks for the update!

And I totally hear  you

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