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Advice on pleaser dominas

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Hi all, 

I came across this site while trying to do abit of research and what a site! I’ve long had a heel fetish and it’s nice to see people with similar interests. 

I like heels in all shapes and sizes, the higher the better! Especially single soled, high arched six inch heels. 

So my research, I’m looking to introduce my gf into this world of super high heels. She likes heels and has many 4 inch pairs. 

I’m planning to start off with a pair of pleaser domina 420 or 431 as they’re abit more subtle than the peter chu (6ihf) heels which is my end goal. 

So my questions to everyone.

Any advise/personal experiences on how to approach the topic?


How do pleaser domina 420/431 heels fit? She’s UK 3 or 4 depending on brands

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I’ve got a pair of domina sexy 21 in a Uk size 8.


they are comfortable and my goal is to walk in them for more than 5 minutes by October 

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