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What Ballet Heel Manufacturers are Out There?


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As title, who even makes Ballet Heels for sale these days? Here's what I know:

estresmodes, which someone here said was too soft: http://extremehighheels.net/en/

Ilia's Little Shoe Box, which is supposedly inherited from the original Little Shoe Box : http://iliaslittleshoebox.co.uk

Chinese Stuff, also on ebay and alibaba: http://www.milanoo.com/search?type=search&keyword=ballet+boots

Punitive Shoes, which some people said had inconsistent quality: http://www.punitiveshoes.com/index_en.shtml

RTBU, which looks a lot like the brandless Chinese stuff you find on alibaba: https://www.refusetobeusual.com/

Kassiopeya, which also seems Chinese: http://www.kassiopeya.de/

Bedheels, Thai shoemakers: http://www.bedheels.com/shoes-and-boots/

Australian Shoecraft, the unknown one to me, have heard of any reviews: http://www.shoecraft.com.au/

Pleaser/Devious, the obvious one: http://www.pleaserusa.com/


Are there any more manufacturers that I missed?

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