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The Economy Is Bad. And I Have A Question.

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Closet full of different shoes and high heels all mine.   I do keep the  heels I wear out in the living room.   I read that  the members here have a few pairs they do wear alot.     My family comes first over these shoes, I put alot of money in the last 7 years for my footwear and now when the bills come in (electric , car payment  food and all the other  Cable tv especially) and I think about all the money I could have saved for emergencies just to buy a pair of shoes   This hobby and I hate too say this but an addiction too pretty heels.       I need too put my Father in an assistant  care facility (  It breaks my heart that the money he saved all his life )   He has altzheimers and dementia    (he thinks that it will cost 500 dollars a month and the actual cost is 3 thousand dollars a month)  if he knew in his state of mind he would be Pi@s@d off.    I am sorry if I am rambling.   Back to the shoes I enjoy wearing Strappy sandals and high heels.  But now my life has changed again with events beyond my control  I need to get my priorities back on track and need to clean out that closet that has caused tension in my homelife and I am not the most religious guy but I beleive in God and now again I need guidance.  And I think my shoe  habits has put  a  strain on what I should have seen was a sign of wanting when I should have only bought when needed.      OK what should be a proper amount of heels?   1 pair? or 150 pairs.   I have never asked a question on this site (I love the high Heel Place)   But this is long over-due   and my way of asking a question like this might be a bit unorthodox.  I hope it is ok and I hope there is understanding with my question or questions.   Thankyou.


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Listen to you conscience, this is how you know the difference between right or wrong (Gods voice per say {yes I'm a Christian}). If you can turn in pairs of of shoes you don't wear into cash, do it. Let's face it, this isn't rocket science here.


For the shoes you wear keep them simply because you do wear them.


Hope this helps.

Shafted, the boots that is! View my gallery here http://www.hhplace.o...afteds-gallery/ or view my heeling thread here http://www.hhplace.org/topic/3850-new-pair-of-boots-starts-me-serious-street-heeling/ - Pm me if you want fashion advice or just need someone to talk to.

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