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I cant remember where I left off ( what ' # ' I was on ) so.. Im hoping its 10?


I've decides to toss a ' twist ' on this one as its a song were going to cover for the Halloween Hash for Charity myself and a few others are getting together to perform at on the 31'st.


Theres 2 ( yes 2! ) versions of the song out there ( Sort of.. ). NEITHER are the ORIGINAL recording being used here. The song was never recorded in English ( when it came out ).


First clue/song/cut/whatever : All music, no vocals. Its not at the very beginning of the song, but a good chunk of it is present. 







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Not originally recorded in English?  Well it's not Waterloo.  And it doesn't sound like Kraftwerk.  Is it a stadium rock version of 99 Red Ballons?

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