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Dr. Shoe

Tips For Attending Heel Meets.

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These tips assume that someone else has organised the meet:

  • Always make sure the meet is in a public (or semi-public) place. Do not meet at a stranger's apartment or hotel room.
  • Get the organiser's phone number and make sure that he has yours so you can keep up to date with last minute changes.
  • It is nice to meet up with another delegate and travel to the meet together but make sure you have a fall-back plan to get there on your own if neccesary.
  • If you must go to someone's home, make sure you leave their address with a trusted friend and have them call you at a pre-arranged time to ensure you're OK. It can be an idea to have a "codeword" to show all is well.
  • Make sure you have the independent means to get home afterwards. There is nothing worse than being stranded because you have become separated from your lift home.

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Dr Shoe,


Your tips are very helpful and accurate!


I found myself in a very bad situation when I meet a couple of other heelsters for a heel meet.  I had one of them pick me up at my hotel and take me to meet another heelster at their hotel.  When we got to the other hotel - I knew right away that there were other intentions for the meet.  I did not have my car.  I had to go along for pat of the activities.  I finally convinced them that they could take me back to my hotel so that I could follow them back to another location.  Once I got in my car I took off and called them to let them know that I was not interested in continuing that night.


That was a close one.



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