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  1. Your bride & mine must be corresponding. I suspect you to be a Brit, master of understatement...."dislikes"
  2. UpBy5

    Heels At Work

    Ooops, wrong post answered to... UpBy5 Try the Frye website. I got a pair of Frye's "Jackie Button 76576 - Chocolate" from the "Heels.Com" site In October, 2012. Either HeelsCom or Frye site may still have them. 2 1/2" mildly underslung heel. At Heels.Com they were sold under the women's listings. I'm really happy with 'em! UpBy5
  3. I am solidly with you (& others here) on helping Tech out, even if he is a bit altruistic on the subject. I have no idea of what the costs are of running a site, but if the annual outlay is in the $ 100 - $ 500 range, I'll send him the $$ right now to get the ball rolling; I enjoy the site that much. From reading the other 80+ posts here, it's pretty obvious that many of us WANT to help out. The LAST thing we need is for Tech to get fed up with the hassles and quit! The least we can do is to take some of the stress off his checkbook and help him get better quality sleep from not sweating the advert click, click thing. P.S. Suggest you click on the "GOJANE" ad just above post # 22, I think. I just did. Big variety, well organized to isolate types (single sole, etc.), and priced $18-$25! I've gotta' give these guys a try. UpBy5
  4. Old faithful is an factory stock '89 Toyota Turbo Supra; just as much fun to drive now as it was in '90 when I got it. Darlin' bride has a '06 Toyota Avalon; a bit dull but one SWEET ride....I think of it as a Japanese Buick Roadmaster. Every time I go for a quick trip in the '05 M-Benz SL65 (bought in '06), I still feel a little like I've just stolen a really nice car. A long series of '60s VW Beetles and elder 260/280Zs did not prepare me for this experience. Everything about the car is smooth and effortless. Test drove a Lamborghini Gallardo on a sports car track. A different feel altogether. Most surprisingly, after about 70mph, the Benz was slightly faster. Fun, fun, fun! I know what you're feelin' there, Patsy Cline UpBy5
  5. I can't agree with 'EXACTLY" the same. The lack of the empty space between the heel tip and the sole found on regular high heels makes going up & down stairs with narrow treads or a high/tall distance between stair treads or an overall steep angle to the entire staircase, a sometimes iffy proposition. The lack of that empty space has prevented an unscheduled, very rapid descent. With wedges on stairs, I don't have to focus so intently on precise foot placement on each stair tread. Over the years I've taken 3 "headers" down stairs in regular heels (fortunately only missed the last two or three steps)....never in wedges. Maybe some of you have had similar experiences? UpBy5
  6. Yes, Heelster, a fellow realist. Sounds like you, too, have accumulated some scar tissue along the way.
  7. Ditto that...2 years or so ago, and still available: Report Signature's Mazeau $ 86.00, all leather, 4" heel, single sole, only black size 6 remains at Endless.Com. Most comfortable shoe I have, regardless of heel height. If you can find this shoe anywhere, get it. Here are 4 others I found at Endless. Select "Sandals" for the search. 1st 3 pages yielded: 1) Botique 9 "Linya" wedge, 2) Jean-Michel Cazabat "Pia" wedge, 3) Le Soir Pour La Victoire "Evelia" wedge. All 4" with single sole. I recently got (Endless) Pelle Moda's "Gabby" wedge, 4 1/2" wedge, 1/2" plat. Also Very comfortable. Check 'em out. UpBy5
  8. Not the way I'd like to see men in heels depicted, for sure. However, part of what we've been saying has happened here; an A-list performance by an A-list performer showing men in heels. Until Tom Hanks shows up on the red carpet in Louboutins, I guess this'll have to do.
  9. I'm with Benno on this one. Fine at $ 33.95. For a C-note, other choices are available that experss greater subtlety and balance. To me, the straight sided, pencil-shape heel doesn't have sufficient weight to carry the rest of the shoe.
  10. The Doc is spot-on, as usual. I'm lucky in that I can see in my mind's eye the exact moment that my interest was piqued....stepped into an aunt's gold, dress flats at age 4. As mom chased me out of 'em immediately, my first experience lasted all of six seconds, just enough to chisel the femme-style shoe desire in stone. Those of you out there who may fret about the desire, get past it. It lasts a lifetime, in my experience. Psychological self-flagelation only spoils the fun. Also, in my experience, heel-wearing has not lead into other interests in women's fashions. I think that has to have been put there in the psyche, somewhere, somehow, to begin with. In my case, if it were there, it would have been outted years ago. Didn't happen. One more thing to quit worrying about. UpBy5
  11. I think most of us here have heels on the brain most of the time, if you eliminate times when focused on work or in conversation with others (on non-heel subjects). Otherwise, we wouldn't be on this site to begin with. UpBy5
  12. Man! Don't we all wish we could ask those two question? The social climate in Netherlands must be a lot more pleasant than in the southern U.S.
  13. First girl-shoe experience at about age 3-4,living at grandparents home. Also there was an aunt and her friend, a boarder. Once mom was getting dressed & I noticed a pair of gold (lame' I guess) flats belonging to aunt's friend. Being a normally curious 3-4 year-old, I stood in them. Mom admonished me to leave them alone. That was the 1st girl-shoe experience, and I have never forgotten that 8-10 seconds. Conscious interest started for real at 12-13 yo when girls first started wearing heels to dance classes. Have been obsessing ever since. I got 1st pair in about 1965; lucite springolators w/ 3-3.5 inch heels. Was married w/kids by then, so I hid 'em inside a pair of Frye engineer boots at the back of a closet. Second buy was about 5 years ago: 4" Fredericks of H'wood ankle strap sandals w/ adjustable buckle vamp. About 17 pair over the internet since. As usual, I seem to have over-answered the question.
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