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  1. I am driving a car in high heel shoes already for a few years and I had no problems. Mainly I drive in my 4" pumps but sometimes also in sandals. I tried in mules, but they are slipping down and perhaps it to be dangerous, so I am not trying any more
  2. My vote : First - pumplover Second - Hose-N-Heels Third - hhboots
  3. On polish language forum I found some caps from this film..... you will find them here
  4. I'm 170 in metric, 5'7" in imperial greg
  5. I am of rather an average height, only 170 cm (5'6") so I don't have any problem. I have the small foot (EU size 39-40), so I have big choice of shoes.
  6. greg

    My holidays

    A few last days I spent in one of our most famous health resorts on Polish coast - Miedzyzdroje. Going there I assumed that I would try to wear hihg heels shoes. Normally, all the day. So I did it.I felt anxious as for the reaction of passed people - I expected worst. But to my great amazement I didn't directed no attention: neither unpleasant nor nice. Simply NOTHING. It doesn't mean that nobody noticed it. Friends of mine talked, that when we were in a restaurant some people warmly - but just enough quietly - commented on it "phenomenon" and for some time clearly looked at me, rather at my footwear. I recorded also remarks in the kind "see what shoes this guy has", but these were children . I wore HH shoes through the whole week. I wore such sandals : And here during one of trips (unfortunately, this is the only photo on which you can see, I wore sandals with heel) On this last photo you can see, that the trousers enough firmly covered the heel but while walking it had to be visible. At home I wore this mules : Hosts admittedly at first enough strange stared but they probably recognised it for normals. P.S. Sorry for my english. I you find any mistakes just correct them.
  7. greg

    My pics

    Today's updating... a few pics of such sandals Last weekend I bought beautifull black pumps... pics on my site will be soon, but now one photo for you
  8. And on : #43,#66,#91,#135,#155,#166,#214,#252,#284,#288,#320 Thx for that. It seems that many people looking for "men in heels".
  9. greg

    New shoes!

    Hi booty lover ! Shoes look great on your feet. Thx for pics
  10. greg

    My pics

    HI guys! I had the mini-holiday last week and I made quite a lot of pics. I added a few to my site and now I will do the updating a little more often. For the beginning mules on the wedge heel.
  11. greg

    New shoes!

    Very nice pumps! Congrats! Do you have photos when wearing them?
  12. Nice shoes, except first pair.... I don't like such shoes... My favorite picture is http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h190/flanes/100_0725.jpg I like classic pumps.
  13. greg

    Stiletto race

    And more photos from Warsaw race http://fakty.interia.pl/galerie/Fakty/Bieg_w_szpilkach,7089 http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbrus/sets/72157594202020104/
  14. greg

    Stiletto race

    Today, 16.07.2006, in Warsaw took place first in Poland run of women on high heels organised by Glamour. 100 women took part in it and the heel had to have the min.. 7 cm. A few photo from this run. Winner
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