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  1. I find dsw to be hit or miss. One of my favorite times was I got a very uneasy male associate that seemed to have to wait on me. So I picked the most stiletto-y and crazy high heels ever. I think he was more freaked out than I was. Granted I wear size 9-10 depending on the brand but needless to say its rather fun to troll people in person. Or maybe I'm sadistic, one of the two either way. >.< I've also gotten phone numbers and compliments from the female associates because they just said its fun to see guys that enjoy shoes. So, I had a point with this post I'm sure but yeah, the unexperienced employees can be hella fun to break in is I think the point. And as guys wearing heels, its your duty to do so.
  2. That particular shirt is too short to tuck in and have it stay there unless I want to perpetually tuck the shirt every time I move my torso 10 degrees or lacking that every 10 seconds. I also didn't feel like wearing a belt. I thought the general shirt tucking etiquette is if it doesn't sit about halfway on your ass tucking the shirt is pointless and as such unnecessary? But I will admit I didn't think everyone would the outfit so much to be honest. I was kind of thinking to myself the blazer in general was too much. But I kinda got it for that reason, that and it seemed fun.
  3. Ok trying something new, so I'm trying to work in skinny jeans in style wise. And I was a sucker and bought this blazer because well, I have no shame. But so I bought the blazer first, then the shoes to match. Just trying this whole thing out for the moment, not sure on the overall effect. So critique away! Sorry for the selfie pictures, my phone is pretty much my camera really.
  4. I epilate personally, nair... hurts.
  5. Not saying it isn't possible, just that when i'm driving I prefer consistency. That and its just nicer not worrying about scuffing anything needlessly.
  6. You mean like the flats they market such as these? http://www.amazon.com/Black-Sidekicks-Foldable-Flats-Medium/dp/B00ENP0Y1I I have a pair of shoes for the car basically because no need to scuff up things needlessly, that and I prefer consistency for a manual transmission. Heels, make shifting rather more annoying than necessary.
  7. No, case in point: http://www.reddit.com/r/menslegs I got pointed to that by a girl that said thats basically her fetish subreddit. At this point nothing surprises me.
  8. Somewhat curious as to why this should be only in the guys forum.
  9. Yep, honestly I can't think of wearing most mens clothes with heels just because honestly, I agree overall with what this woman said. They clash a bit too much. More the overall look has to "fit", aka wearing baggy pants isn't going to look good with stilettos. On anyone, ever probably. But wear stilettos with skinny jeans, if you're a stick like I am and can strut well enough you only get positive comments. Well that and high school kids start taking pictures and i'm sure posting on Facebook, but whatever. You can't ignore the forest for the trees, just like if you're wearing heels you can't ignore the rest of the outfit.
  10. So Aldo has been having a sale lately. Aaaand, well I got a few pairs on the cheap. So I got both the beige and black versions of these: http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/shoes/platform-pumps/31984129-malocutrazzo/97 Only annoying bit is the damn zipper is loud as shit. Thinking I'll get some jb weld and fix that problem for good. And the beige of these (the blues were sold out in my size, boo: http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/shoes/platform-pumps/31453440-crixia/34 The crixia (last link) is my favorite cause its so stupid high and still a platform. Its almost like wearing a 5.5" pump in the pitch. Somewhat surprising. But since the black model turned out to be the most... in need of breaking in a quick shot of what they look like from my vantage point whilst I do stuff.
  11. So because there are so many people here that are into really high heels, would the comparison of 5 inch heels versus 6 inch with 1 inch platform be a more fair comparison? I'll note I find the platforms more fun to walk in than single soles. They also feel higher normally due to the overall shortening of the contact area due to the platform, but paradoxically they feel more grounded/stable. That and I really don't get the "jack stand" or club foot viewpoints. I guess if thats what you see its what you see but I just think they look nice. Both have a certain je ne sais quoi feel to each, I don't put either type on any pedestal to the other, just more consider them two interpretations of heels. Like a sedan versus a coupe since we seem to love car analogies. Wear what you want, neither, either, or both. Denigrate the shoes not the wearer, but in the end its down to preference.
  12. So, to be honest sandals never really "did it" for me. But I got a pair and now I have a few more. So first up, these were like ~$35 or so, and they are beyond comfy. The "straps" are basically just stretchy fabric, which basically makes them stupid comfy. Got them off yoox.com on some random sale. Anywho. So they are bcbgmaxazria, and sorry I threw away the box already so no idea what the style name is. Right so then I found these Dolce Vita... err something or other sorry threw the box away on these too for $25 so said screw it why not. But with these I realized I need to get some work done on the toes before I ever wear them outside of my abode. And then, so these were $60 on a sale, but so far they're my favorite. Stupid high heel arch and heel. But also the strappy bits make it pretty easy to wear. These are steve madden strechee or whatever, they're on the site now so go get em. I had to put gel inserts in them so my feet didn't slide forward so damn much, but other than that they're great. They're one of the highest arch heels I own, much higher and I'd be hitting 6 inch heels/fetish territory. Past that, I've spent enough on shoes for a while. Next up is getting the little piggies looking worth showing off in any of these. I should do the err, french toenails? dunno what they're called, whatever the ones that spongebob and patrick did in that one episode. I'll give that a go first cause I don't know what I'm doing and might as well follow what a cartoon from the past did.
  13. Not really related to the thread too much, but it gives me a chance to plug the best thing on youtube. Glove and Boots talking about vvs, vertical video syndrome.
  14. http://www.gilt.com/brand/seychelles/product/156248585-seychelles-midas-touch-sandal Thank me later, but 9.5 and size 10 are still there in pewter. Not sure if thats the right size or not but its like the last spot to find em outside of ebay.
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