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  1. After a too-o-o-o long hiatus, I am back to thrill, amaze and irritate the hhplace. Yup it's that gleaming pearl of wizdom, Jazz singer, sometimes comedian and recovering Lawyer, the one & only Anita C.~esq.. Does that make your day or what? Auntie Anita
  2. getting permanent high heel feet

    Again???? Gad. As most know I've worn 5"+ Heels for over 40 years and the fact is that I can wear flats with no pain. Facts are that while my 5"+ Stilettos are more comfortable, I can (& do) wear athletic shoes when at the gym. Sure there are those who feel 'stuck in stilettos' fact is it just ain't so. If need be they can wear flatties. I have no idea where this all started but I suspect that it was someones' fantasy & was a springboard for the many who actually believe that this condition exists. Preference enters in here & mine is to wear my stilettos as much as is possible. So if your schweetie wants you to be 'stuck in stilettos' he might just be in for an awakening. Namaste', Anita C.
  3. PS As for Samantha & I, we're still clik-clik-clik'ing along in our 5"+ Stilettos and enjoying life. No. Noone special in my life. I'm just enjoying retirement and hanging out in smokey ol' bars 'till closing and then going out to breakfast in sequins & stilettos! Life's good! Namaste', Anita C.
  4. Seannie is doing quite well! She's entering Community College this fall and plans on studying towards a degree in Psychology with a minor in counseling. She received a scholarship that will help a great deal. Otherwise she's a lot like me. She still loves wearing 5"+ Stilettos and is quite proficient with her hair & makeup. Her Psychologist decided that it was ok for her to start hormones and to work towards transition 3 months ago & that's going well. She still lives with me and visits her parents regularly. As for the future, who knows? "Yesterday's gone and Tomorrow's not yet here...Take each day as it comes and make the very best of it". Seannie sends her regards. Namaste', Anita C.
  5. SOON I hope! namaste', Anita C.
  6. Were Did the story lades club go?

    Gee-so many questions! Samantha & I are still clik-clik-clik'ing along in our 5"+ stilettos and Seannie is entering Community College in the fall. Yes, Seannie is living full time and has started hormones. She'll be working towards a career in counseling with a Psychology minor. As for myself I went to Las Vegas. I got to work at the Tropicana, San Remo (which wil soon become a 'Hooters'), Imperial Palace and other Jazz clubs in the area. I gave it my best shot kids but alas... So I came back home and am contemplating my next move. BUT! WHAT A RIDE ! ! ! namaste', Anita C.
  7. THE LADIES' CLUB Chapter I The Plan Next to the word 'pig' in the ladies' dictionary there was a picture of Daryl. Daryl was trim, fit, handsome, witty, wealthy and charming...he was also the classic philanderer. Seek 'em, screw 'em & split. As soon as he went to bed with a lady he would start looking for a new one. Sheila knew this from experience - as did Brandi, Patrice, Ginger and Amy. They were all attractive, intelegent and successful and had ALL been there/done that. See-Daryl did all of them within a two week timespan and they DESPISED him for it. The ladies were commiserating at a bar one Tuesday night..."Daryl's SUCH a pig..." Brandi said sipping on her Long Island Iced Tea. "Don't you know it" agreed Ginger. "Don't WE know it!" They all said in unison raising their glasses with a 'clink'. "Here-here..." Sheila sighed..."I'd really like to GET that bastard and give him a taste of what it's like to be used and discarded...Hell-We ALL would!". The others nodded in agreement. The door at the front of the bar opened and in walked Janice. She stood there as her eyes adjusted to the rooms dark. She walked over to the ladies & asked if she could join them. "Sure-" Ginger smiled pulling out a chair "Sit-Take a load off. We're man-bashing here so feel free to join in." Janice chuckled and said "Not all of 'em I hope?" "No-Just one in particular.". "Do tell-and just WHO IS this lousey no-good SOB?". "His name is Daryl and-". "NO! You DON'T mean Daryl Lucas-". They all looked at each other and sat bolt upright "Yes...Don't tell us that-". "Yup-ME too...". "Bartender? Bring us a pitcher-No-Make that 2 pitchers of Marguritas". The Pitchers arrived and one by one the ladies shared their stories about Daryl. "We gotta DO something" Sheila said "But what?". "Hmmm..." Janice said thoughtfully Well-I AM a Doctor! A Plastic Surgeon and ...". "I'm a Operating room nurse! So is AMY!" added Brandi sitting up and grabbing Janices' arm smiling wildly. The wheels started turning and the table got very quiet. One by one-they were soon all looking at each other. Patrice broke the silence "Are you all thinking what I'M thinking?". The others nodded in agreement one by one. As the evening wore on they developed a plan. "It'll take someone new-someone he's not familiar with as the bait.". Sheila, Patrice, Ginger, Amy and Janice all thought...WHO could they get to go along with this? "I have a friend who just went through a similiar thing with another guy" Amy announced. "If anyone will help us, SHE will!". "OK-Tell us about her.". "Her name is Kelli and she works for an Engineering Firm and she is PISSED!". Amy took out her Cellphone and called Kelli "Kelli? Me-Say, what are you doing tonight? GREAT! Come down to Samanthas' Bar. Remember how Brad treated you? Wanna lil' PAYBACK??? We gotta TALK! 'K-see you in 15 then...She's on her way". Kelli walked in the door. Tall LONG auburn hair, figure to die for. She strode over to the table where the ladies were and sat down. "Whatever you gals have going-I'm IN!". The ladies told her all about Daryl and his methoud of operating. They told her what they had in store for him and she jusy smiled and raised her glass. "Ok girls! This is to PAYBACKS!". "Alright then! We better meet again tomorrow to start getting things organized". Sheila stated flatly. "Ginger-you know Daryls' Taylor. You're in charge of getting his measurements. Janice-You, Brandi and Amy discuss what you will need for your part of this & how to best accomplish this. Let the rest us of know how much time will be involved, what care will be needed post-op, etc. ASAP-OK? Kelli- we all need to advise you what Daryls' likes are-what he goes for as far as clothes, looks, appearance and the like. We can ALL help fill you in on this. I want you all to write down ANYTHING you believe will help on this project.". "What time tomorrow, Sheila?" Amy asked. Sheila looked at her watch-"How's 5:30 at My place? Does that work for everyone? Janice-Amy & Brandi know where I live. Ladies?" Sheila said scanning the table. "Ok-see you all tomorrow and for goodness sake, write down ANY input you all have on this so we can avoid any potential shortcomings.". Chapter II The Meeting Sheilas' doorbell first rang at 5:15. It was Dr. Janice, Amy & Brandi. Ginger was next-then Patrice. They all went into Sheilas' office and got out their notepads. Dr. Janice went first. "We all discussed what we could do in a 12 hour timeframe. Daryls' Dr. is a long-time friend and collegue of mine. We're working together me on another project. Because of this collaboration, I have unlimited access to his files...ALL of his files including those of dear Mr. Daryl - this is a big help. His general health is good, Type O Pos blood, no problems with anesthesia...no alergies save for shellfish...I see no potential problems. We could do this at my office-I have an O/R onsight. Amy is also an Anesthesiologist that eases things. Brandi is going to set up all the instruments and the O/R. We all met earlier so this end is pretty much arranged. All I need to get is the breast prosthetics-and they'll be BIG-I should have them Thursday late afternoon.". "What can you do in this amount of time. Doctor?". "Plenty...I can do Breasts, Lipo, SRS, and with Brandis' help Laser Electrology-complete and total hair removal of the face, chest, back (EEEWWW!), arms, and if the schedule permits-Genetals.". "How about the face?". "I don't want to do the face-too much healing time. We'd need to have him for a week to allow for healing. He'll be pretty enough-TRUST ME! Daryl's a pretty boy anyhow." They all chuckled "We'll give him some cheeks and collogen in the lips. Also arch & thin his eyebrows. Then Amy will minitor him as he comes out of anesthesia and keep him safe but still under.". The ladies all applauded. "Well done Doctor! Well done!". Next is Ginger-talk to us.". "I went in to his taylor and it was soooo easy. I told him I wanted Daryls' sizes for a suit I was having made for him in London. He made me a copy of his records. I told him this was a surprize and he could tell noone...I smiled and winked & slipped him a $100.00 bill. He smiled back & walked away. Daryl wears a size 9 mens' shoe so he will need a 10 ladies. He is 5'9" BUT wears 2" lifts in his shoes! Surprize! Suit size is a 38. Pants-28" waist-29"inseam. He has a 15-1/2" neck.". "I can project he'll have a 25" waist easy..might get it down to a 23". His Bra size will be a 36D...maybe DD." added Dr. Janice. "Got this Ginger?". "Yeah-got it.". "Kelli! Tell us what YOU have in mind." "Daryl's a creature of habit. He met you all in the same bar. He goes there every Friday arriving at 6:30. I also found out that he always scans the bar first. Here's something to think on-we were ALL sitting at the bar when he hit on us! Within 3 stools! He likes and is drawn to Hair..Big-but not TOO big, long 'nails with a french-tip manicure OR with Pearl White polish-I'll tend to that tomorrow-the classic LBD-Low cut-showing LOTSA Cleavage-My 36Cs will be just fine with a Wonderbra...HIGH Stiletto heels-5"ers...prefferably pointed toe pumps in Black Patent-Got 'em! He likes an evening look as far as makeup-that I can do. Off-Black stockings and prefers garters. Ok then. OH! He is a sucker for BIG Gold hoop earrings and matching bracelets & rings. What else? ...Lips...Lips-lips-lips...Mine are thin-he likes the full, pouty ones. Janice? can I count on you for a bit of collagen?". "Sure-No problem. I can do it tomorrow. It'll take about a half hour...No charge.". "Thanks babe! I OWE ya! That's all I've got." "Great Kelli! Any other suggestions for her?". "He likes 'em smart but not TOO smart." added Ginger "he needs to feel superior...". "Good...good. Anyone else? No? Ok-Let's move on. Schedule shall be thus; Kelli will meet Daryl at the bar. After 20 minutes +/- of conversation he will no doubt ask her to go to a Motel-Probably the Hilton. Kelli-call me when you leave. I have a contact at the Hilton. He always uses the same room-512. I'll make sure it's available & get a the adjoining room and a duplicate key. Dr. Janice and Brandi will be in an adjoining room. After Kelli accompanies him up to the room-she'll go over to the bar and find a cloth with Chloroform on it in a plastic baggie in the first drawer-under the Bible. She'll ask Daryl to close his eyes so she can surprize him as she undresses. She'll put a eyemask over his eyes then walk over BEHIND him and cover his nose and mouth with the chloroformed cloth...Dr. Janice and Brandi will enter the room to help Kelli subdue him untill he's UNDER. Once this accomplished, they'll load him into a hampercart, cover him with dirty sheets and take the freight elevator down to the first floor. Exiting the elevator go RIGHT and out through the double doors at the end of the hall to the loading dock where Brandi, Dr. Janice will load him into my van and we'll all leave for the Dr's. office. Now Kelli...You'll have to be very carefull and wipe away ANY of YOUR fingerprints in the room & get outta there ASAP! Leave through the WEST door and take his car to the Mall. Ginger will be waiting for you. Again-wipe off all the places you touch or better yet put on rubber gloves. Lock the car and leave with Ginger for the Dr's. office. This won't be aproblem for you Janice?". "No-It'll be Friday & I'll let the staff go & foreward all calls to my service. I have another Dr. taking them so we won't be disturbed.". "Ok-Ginger? You get to go shopping! Get him some REALLY slutty things: Long false 'nails, false eyelashes, make-up, jewelry and perfume...and a big blonde wig. Now is there ANYTHING we've forgot?" Patrice raised her hand "Be sure to get his wallet and ANYTHING ELSE he brought with him to the room! Forget NOTHING!". "We'll meet here Friday at 5:00. Any isues-questions? This our revange Ladies! Let's not have any screw ups!" Sheila concluded. The rest loaded up their things and went out to go over the route and to arrange what was where. This accomplished, they all went home. Chapter III FRIDAY! By 5:00 everyone was at Sheilas' house. They went over the plan again and then departed. Kelli arrived at the bar and went in to her spot at the bar. As if on cue Daryl walked in at 6:15. He noticed Kelli immediately and went over to make his pitch. Kelli responded with feigned interest hanging on his everyword. After 20 minutes daryl suggested that they go some where they coulld 'talk'. Kelli smiled and said "Just 'Talk'? C'mon baby...You can do better than that, can't ya? Why don't you see what you can come up with while I go to the Ladies' Room." Kelli bent over and nippled on his ear asn she left then whispered in his ear "& make it somewhere NICE baby! The Hilton's nice...". She strutted to the Ladies room and called Sheila on her cell. "Hey-It's me. He is SOO ready! Is everything in place? Good...Our ETA is 10 minutes. No-He has no idea. Cool-See you then. What? Yes-Under the Bible-yes...'k-later. 'Bye. Daryl was attempting to be cool but as Kelli approached her turned as he heard the clik-clik-clik of her Stilettos on the floor. "Well?" she inquired. "I have a room at the Hilton for M'lady as requested...#512.". "See! I just KNEW you could do it right if I gave you some time!". Kelli gathered her purse as Daryl helped her into her coat and they departed for the hotel. Kelli was really seeming interested-she was looking at him as if he was THE most important man in the world. They entered the Hilton and approached the desk. Daryl signed the regestration and the credit card receipt and they went to the elevator. As the got off, Kelli saw Brandi in a roomservice uniform with a cart. This made her feel better. Daryl was oblivious-he had one thing on his mind and there was nothing perepheral that would take his focus off that. They entered the room and Daryl closed the door "Drink?" He asked. "Sure-make it a double.". Daryl was almost in a frenzy but remained calm as he made up the cocktails and handed one to Kelli. "Ummmm...very nice. Tell me Daryl-Do you like surprizes? See-I wanna surprize you when I get undressed.". "I LOVE surprizes...". "Good-Ok now precious. Close your eyes real tight...good. Let me put this on 'em so you can't peek-ok?". Daryl nodded affirmatively as Kelli put the mask over his eyes. Kelli got out the chloromormed cloth and went over to the door and quietly opened it. "Now-now! No peeking! Not yet-She went behind him and said "I'm standing right behind you alllll ready to give you a night to remember. Don't teke off the eyemask 'till I say-ok?" as Daryl nodded Kelli watched as he exhaled she placed the cloth over his mouth & nose. He was fighting her as best as he could then Brandi & Dr. Janice entered the room. They held him as the chloroform took hold. Soon the fight drained completely out of him leaving him a helpless mass. Brandi brought in the cart and Kelli & the Dr. loaded him in. Kelli scanned the room. She took his car keys & wallet and tossed his jacket into the cart. Brandi and the Dr. left the room pushing the cart as Kelli put on a pair of rubber surgeons' gloves. She placed Daryls' wallet & keys in her purse. She then wiped down everything in the room and went down to his car. She got in and drove over to the mall, parked his car, wiped it down, locked it and departed with Ginger..."Piece of cake! Almost TOOOO easy!" Kelli laughed and looked at her watch. It was 7:08. Chapter IV The surgery The parking lot at the Drs. office was almost deserted. Ginger and Kelli pulled around to the back where they saw Sheilas' van. They gathered up the things Ginger had purchased earlier, parked & went inside locking the front door behind them. Sheila appeared "How'd it go?". "TOOOOO Good! Nobody saw me leave. I even had time to wipe down the inside of his car. It went perfect. How are things going here?". "Better than we'd hoped. He's under and having his breasts done. C'mon-We can watch! Dr. Janice has a window we can observe through!". Dr. Janice was going at it full-tilt. The breasts were done in an hour. The Lipo went fast as well removing 5 litres of fat from his tummy. The Laser Hair removal took 3 hours. Thanks to the new machine that worked on large ares and the fact that Daryl didn't have very much hair. The SRS was another 4 and a half hours but went without a hitch. The SRS was dome with a Laser and the areas then sealed with surgeons' glue so there were no stitches external of the area. Janice packed the new vagina with gause and placed a bandage over it. She had catheterizes Daryl and after 'she' urinated this could be removed. After a total of ten hours of surgery- Dr. Janice emerged. "Hi ladies! Well-" Janice said removing her mask & gloves with a snap "That's a wrap! How's 'she' doing Amy?". "Fine-Just fine. All signs are stable.". As Daryl was being wheeled out of the O/R Sheila turned to Ginger. "Let's lay all the things out so we can be ready.". Chapter V Transformation Ginger, Kelli and Patrice went to another room and set out the things Ginger had bought: Black bra & thong, Black low-cut short dress, Black Patent 5.5" Stilettos, seamed stockings, jewelry, corset with six garters, makeup, eyelashes, 'nails and the Piece De Restance'-the WIG! It was longer than shoulder length and was teased up a bit and styled into a perfectly smooth 'do. Dr. Janice came in and took the corset. "I must put this on her now so the tissues can start conforming to their new shape and re-attaching. Wanna help here?". "SURE!". They all adjourned to the recovery room where Amy was monitoring her signs. "Well?". "She's doing great...not a problem in the world. I started the hormone drip. Oh-she had urination so everything appears to be working ok". "Good-perfect. We gotta put her into the corset now.". They slid the corset under her body and fastened the front. One the count of 3 they gently turned her over. The Dr. & Sheila then positioned it and pulled the laces in. "Ginger! take the tape measure and measure her waist.". "Ummmm... It's a 24".". "SWEET! Now let's turn her onto her back.". Brandi entered the room pushing a tray with shaving equipment. "I cleaned up the O/R with the steamer and scrubbed the floors & walls. The surgical instruments are in the Autoclave and I dumped the other stuff into a double trash bag. We can dump it somewhere else when we finish here. I'm going to shave his legs now so y'all scoot!". It was now 7:30 am...Saturday. They were all running on adrenalin and too excited to rest..."So when can we get the rest started?" "In about an hour. I'll check with Amy then". An hour later Janice returned with a huge smile on her face. "Amy says she's good to go! I'll keep her under so you can work easier.". Like a pit crew at the Indy 500 they went to work. Ginger & Brandi dressed her, Patrice and Kelli went to work on her face. They painted herface like a Bimboslut-then totoo'ed it on PERMANENTLY!! Patrice did her 'nails using a special glue that bonds FAST. They attached the pre-trimmed 'nails one at a time and held them in place with clothespins as they worked on the others. Kelli exclaimed "We're going to put 2 pairs of false eyelashes on her lids and one on the bottoms...SHIT! We forgot eyelash glue!". "Noooo problem!" interjected Janice "I believe I have something here that will work. It's surgical glue. Sticks like CRAZY!". Problem solved. Janice and Amy watched as the others dressed 'her'. Ginger had guessed the sizes perfectly-Push-up bra-34D; Dress-sz. 10. Sheila and Ginger dressed 'her' as Janice and Amy kept their eyes on 'her' signs. It was now nearing 9:30am..."She needs a name-" said Brandi. "How about 'Jayne'?" Kelli suggested. "Yeah! Jayne... HILTON!". "Oh HELL yes!". A MIDDLE name...This took some thought. "How about Eilzabeth?". "Nah..Too dignified." "Maria-NO! Marie!". "Yes-That's IT! Jayne Marie Hilton!". Janice went to her computer and set about making computer IDs for Jayne-Social Security Card, Drivers' License, Athletic Club Card...All with 'HER' New name. They all laughed and high fived each other. Ginger, the computer geek in the group, took over the computer. She wormed her way into a back door at Social Security and changed the REAL records! She snuck into a back door at the Revenue Department and did the same for her Drivers' License-using PhotoShop and a pic taken as Jayne slept. Auto Registration and even her Voter Registration. She changed her party affiliation to "Republican"...She requested a change of gender application for her birth certificate as well and also ordered a new US Passport in her new name & gender. All this was accomplished without a trace as to where they were from. All done online. Amy stuck her head around the corner "Uh-ladies? We need to sit her up now. So get the wig! AND the earrings!". They all stood around staring at 'Jayne' nee' Daryl. "Gotta pierce her ears... Who wants the honors?". They drew straws and Brandi was the winner. "Get me a needle and her earrings." Brandi punched two holes in each earlobe and inserted the earrings into the freshly pierced lobes....The Janice came in with what looked like a soldering gun! "Let's see the bitch get 'em off NOW!" she said as she soldered the backs on for good. After shaving Jaynes' head smooth, they GLUED the wig on as well. They put her back into the bed being careful not to mess up the wig. Ginger came out with her new 5.5" Black Patent Stiletto heeled pumps. "Say Doc. ... Got anymore of that GLUE?" The Doctor handed Ginger the glue and Ginger secured the Stilettos into place. They all stood back & looked at 'Jayne'... "I hate to admit it but she looks pretty damned good!". "Yeah...Who'd-a-thunk it? We gotta have a picture!" They all gathered 'round and took several pics. Then it hit them-What do they do with HER now??? "I know! Let's take her back to Hilton and put HER in the ROOM!". Sheila got on the phone and alerted her friend. She said sure. She'd call a staff meeting in the lobby so they could all enter by the west door without the risk of encountering employees. They put Jayne in a wheelchair and wheeled her to the Van. They got to the Hilton and hid her eyes with a pair of dark oversized Gucci sunglasses. Sheila went in as lookout. She opened the door and mouthed "All's clear.". They wheeled her up to her room and encountered noone. Janice took out some paperwork and placed it in her purse. "I want her to know what was done and what she'll need to do for post-op care.". They all agreed. In her room they laid her out and departed. She was coming out of the Anesthesia so they left FAST! They got to the elevator and heard a scream from Jaynes' room as the elevator door closed. Daryl was frantic! He looked at the reflection in the mirror. WHO was this BIMBO staring back at him??? Full Bubblegum Pink Lips, insanely long eyelashes that would NOT come off! He felt his face...NO BEARD!?!?!? NO HAIR ANYWHERE?!?!? He looked at the long Pearl White fingernails agast! He tried to take them off but couldn't! He ran his hands down his 24" waist and felt the corset. He looked at his chest. BOOBS!! He felt his crotch and in a panic pulled up his dress and pulled down his thong-then the bandages... "WHAT THE HE-". It was a VAGINA! A very NICE Vagina-allbeit bruised and tender. BUT where was his PENUS??? He tried to take the shoes off to no avail! Same for the WIG! He found the note and read it..."WHY? HOW?" he said in Jaynes' voice. Sheila had included another note. It read "Hello Jayne! Yes-YOU are now the kind of woman you've always been SO attracted to! You treated women like sex objects only to be discarded after you bedded them. We thought it only fitting that YOU be allowed to experience what it's like! Enjoy yourself... JAYNE! Don't forget to DILATE! Oh! Be carefull walking in those 'Heels! Hope you like the EARRINGS hun! We SOLDERED THEM ON! ". Chapter VI Post-Op... The Police were called and there was an investigation...The Detectives assigned to the case were skeptical and turned up nothing. They thought it a bit much to swallow. Brandi went to work for Janice as did Amy. Janice was contacted but nothing ever came of it. Sheila, Kelli, Brandi, Ginger, Patrice, Amy and Janice are still close. They meet frequently and occassionally the topic of 'Jayne' will pop up. The Ladies' Club continues to meet as well and, yes, take on new clients who don't grasp how to treat a lady... As for Jayne-It took a week to get the glue to release. She learned to walk in the stilettos-she had no choice! Afterwards she was uncomfortable in FLATS! She wore wigs for awhile until her own hair grew out. She DID keep the 'nails! After many consultations with several Doctors she accepted her plight. As one Doctor told her "Once they cut it off, they can't just glue it back on." She started on hormones and even went to Janice for Facial Feminization! If she only knew...She had no idea who did this to her but had a pretty damned good idea as to why. Daryl had been with so many women that Jayne didn't even know where to begin...she ultimately let it go. Jayne found out what it's like to be treated like a party favour. With her figure and looks it was to be expected. It got out what had happened to Jayne-nee' Daryl and women all over town were chuckling to themselves in conversations that never took place. The strange thing was that men started treating women better! Guess they were a bit leary as to what might happen if they DON'T. There was a silver cloud to this for Jayne. She started writing and sold her story to a publisher. Now noone believed her story was fact but it was a good read... Still is... Isn't it?! ~FIN~
  8. Can't make up my mind!

    What the hell-get 'em ALL! Hmmmmm... perhaps that's how I ended up with all my shooesies?!? 'Nita C.

    I don't wear platforms hun and I've worn them alllllllllll day long...with a few breaks~ VSY, 'Nita C.
  10. its painful

    Try getting some AMBESOL toothache medicine and applying it to the afflected areas! It always works for me! VSY, 'Nita C.
  11. UP, UP AND AWAY!

    I put on my first apir of 4.5" Stilettos in 1964. Since then I have been going UP and currently can wear 6.25"ers. I increased the height over the years by going UP in increments of 1/2" at a time with the exception of my first 6"ers that I bpught at Amore' in 1968. I decided to wear them from the store to my car, a distance of about 1/2 a block. I got about 35' and noticed that the increased height forced me to take MUCH smaller steps but MORE of them to cover the same amount of ground! (There's a story about this in the "Stories With A Heely Theme" section). I can still remember the feeling as I clik-clik-clik'ed my way back to the car and having to force my legs to be straight. I also remember the looks a gal wearing 6" Stilettos gathers! Looking back it was a challenge. It was also divine! VSY, 'Nita C.
  12. Fashion show @ The Comedy Works

    Yes-TOES DOWN FIRST! I was taught that by a runway model in New York during Fashion Week in 1965 and I've NEVER broken a heel! VSY, 'Nita C.
  13. Mine too! I did a story & it's nowhere to be found...Whazzup??? 'Nita C.
  14. They're tall, thin, young. They have bodies that are perfection and wear the latest in VERY pretty clothes. They are the runway models. The newer ones were having a bit of difficulty maneuvering in any heel over 4" though. As I was waiting to go on one of them rematked about my 5.5"ers-"HOW do you WALK in them?". I smiled the same smile I always smile and said matter-of-factly "Like this" and did a runway walk capped off by a catwalk flip. They looked in awe and said 'If you wouldn't mind please do it again! Please?". I, of course, obliged. "But how do you do it?" I showed 'em and encouraged them to get some 5"ers and practice, practice, practice...J"ust remember to PUT YOUR TOES DOWN FIRST!". One of the older models (Probably 30) came over and shook her head..."These kids-whenever will they learn to walk in 'Heels?". I put my hand on her shoulder and whispered as one of the newbies took to the stage "She just did.". Afterwards we went to the bar upstairs for cocktails :drinking: and I had all the newbies coming by to inquire how one walks in HIGH Stilettos. Without hesitation I told the Stiletto Gospel over & over again. Then the girl I had taught earlier came in STILL in her 5"ers & walking perfectly. She came over and leaned over to whisper into my ear "Thanks hun! I'm gonna tell everyone I know about this... and you!". I winked back and replied "Please do! & remember: Chunky heels might be cute BUT-STILETTOS ARE SEXY!". Another victory for the old broad! Clik-clik-clik-clik.... Namaste', Anita C.
  15. How high were your first heels?

    Hmmmm...It was 1964...They were 4.5" Black Patant Stilettos! I still have them...somewhere...I think... I "graduated to 5"ers & then on they just kept getting HIGHER! But you all knew that! Namaste' 'Nita C.