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  1. This is my last post as I have decided to leave. Thank you for having me and contributing to my topics. All the very best. Saxone
  2. Saxone


    I considered my apology should have been directed so every member could read it as I did make a genuine mistake and wanted to apologise to everyone. I have noticed that 2 other male members have also added comments to the same thread in the girls only forum including you Dr. Shoe but I seem to be the only one that has put his hands up and said sorry. I do respect very much the lady members on here and the girls only forum is for females only to post a thread and any replies should only come from females. In the future I will ensure the same mistake does not happen again and would encourage other male members to NOT post in the girls only forum. Well I think thats enough said on the matter now as its the start of a new year so lets all work together to make the High Heel Place the place to visit for all high heel fans. Happy New Year Saxone
  3. Saxone


    I posted a polite reply in the girls only forum today by mistake, it was a genuine error and would like to apologise. I have the greatest respect for the girls only forum and thought it was going in the" For Everybody" forum. Regards Saxone
  4. For guys who wear high heels and have a female in their life who know about it or are just crazy about the lady in their life wearing them. When you first met did she know about your interest in high heels right from the start or did she find out further on in the relationship? My own thoughts on this are that a majority of women will find out later than sooner and just grin and bear it, maybe to save the pain of going through a seperation or divorse to keep the family together for the childrens sake. When you first met the lady in your life were you wearing stiletto heels and did she fall for you because of it? Be honest now. I think not. Do you have to compromise to keep her now? Did wearing high heels cause the breakdown of a long term relationship and cause upset in your family? Please share your thoughts with us on this important topic. Saxone
  5. A great story, I can imagine this made into a film and what a film it would be. Just think what a boost it would be for guys who like wearing high heels. Saxone
  6. Nice one Z H, all the very best to both of you.
  7. From the world of pop music David Bowie and the late Marc Bolan were well known for wearing ladies shoes. Saxone
  8. Christmas is a time of giving and peace on earth to all men ( and the ladies too of course ). In life we were taught at a young age to be grateful for all we receive. But have you ever unwrapped a Christmas present, smiled and said "ahh thats just what I always wanted". When deep down inside you are thinking what on earth did you get me that for. The heavy metal fan who got the Cliff Richard CD, the bald man who got the hair care set, Tina Turner unwrapping a pair of flipflops etc I once read about a lady filing for divorce after getting an ironing board ( and who can blame her? ) So come all ye faithful and tell us about the worst present you ever had. Bah Humbug Saxone
  9. Saxone

    Shoe Songs

    The late great Kirsty MacColl "In These Shoes"
  10. Well spotted Chris, about 3 miles south of where I live is the English Channel. Have you ever tried winklepickers? Saxone
  11. I think the shoes will be just fine on their own Kev and very well done as my mum died from breast cancer when I was 6 years old. Let us know how it goes and how much money you made for the charity.
  12. For sole mine is Dover Sole grilled with lemon and coriander and as for eels it has to be jellied eels of course as I am from England. Saxone
  13. Saxone

    Shoe Songs

    Well Steve, I won my bet as I thought Elvis's "Blue Suede Shoes" would be the next title posted. Great minds think alike Saxone
  14. Why not check out the charity shops because often you can find new unworn high heels for the price of a reheel or less and the money goes to a good cause. Visit one as it's Christmas and let us all know what you bought.
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