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  1. hi, good to see a new member, do you enjoy wearing heels or just admireing them on women, so much to talk about, i've been wearing heels most my life an d in public, great fun, im sure you will love this site, hope to catch up with you soon
  2. hi, i only wear mens clothing and outfits, but shoe wise anything goes, always boots, any lentgh, any heel height up to 4" stilletto, either under or over jeans, if a woman can wear them then why cant i? the buzz is similar to that of getting ready to board a large rollercoaster, adrenaline and excitement
  3. hi rebop24, always nice to see a new member, especially from england, do wear heel in public? ido all the time, an what part of england are you from, im in the birmingham area, would love to meet up some time and help you enjoy heeling in public if you dont already do so, enjoy the site, we're all friends together here
  4. sorry i couldnt make it, not easy to make excuses for being away for a weekend when you have a family, sounds like you all had e great time, i promise i will try and meet up with some of you as soon as possible, really sad to have missed out, hope to see you somewhere soon.
  5. i think girls, they seem more understanding, lads just think ur weird probably cuz they dont wear them themselves so cant understand why another man would want to.
  6. great lookin boots and well done for going public in them, keep it up and who knows, maybe one day you can advance onto some nice knee highs worn over jeans, women do it all the time so why shouldnt we, again people dont bother as much as you would think, do it once and you will always want to do it, i do, never looked back
  7. i would be quite excited if i saw another man in heels, i'd have to talk to him as i would most probably be in heels myself, i ear them all the time and would love to meet more like minded males
  8. iv just boughtsome black knee highs with 4" heels and some nice straps andbuckle detail from tescos, only £20, bargain, wearing them everywhere at the moment, luv them
  9. i always go in shops and try on, i love being honest with the assistants and most of the time they are interested and complimentary about what i do, just be natural, it can be a lot of fun
  10. we will av to sort a day out an if gg wants to come then thats fine by me, we can all do some serious high heel trying on, fun eh
  11. no probs, i'l let you know the next time im out and about, are you ok anywhere locally? i lik to vist solihul, birmingham, coventry, nottingham, leicester and any other midlands shopping centers,let me know
  12. im a uk 5 and wouldnt want to be any other size, its perfect for heels, no probs getting them, cant beat it
  13. i am going to be in solihul town center on thur afternoon if anyones interested in a shoe shop tour and some trying on then let me know and we can start with a coffee somewhere, you wont miss me, i'l be the man in the boots, cant wait.
  14. has anyone seen the dfs sofa range ads, its more like a boots ad than furniture, nearly everyone on it is wearing a gorgous pair of boots, think i must visit dfs but not for a sofa
  15. probably out of my price range but still want a pair tho, do u think if i wrote to her she would donate them to me, wishful thinking,
  16. i'l be there, ,just let us know exactly where and when, cant wait, never been to a proper meet before
  17. did anyone see davina mcall on big brother launch last week? she was wearing thigh boots to die for, where did she get them? i really want a pair
  18. i think every high heel wearer, male or female, should av a pair of thigh high boots, i would never be without mine, an make sure they r tight fitting for that extra sexy look, u may av 2 struggle into them but its wellworth it in the end
  19. i no those river island boots, been and tried them a couple of times an ur right, they are absolutely gorgous, they fit my little size 5 feet and legs perfectly, i really want a pair but they were out of my price range, i'l av to look again now the sales are on.
  20. hi im in solihul on thur afternoon in heels, anyone in the area interested in meeting and browsing shoe shops and even trying on then let me know, cant wait
  21. Hi, good to see a new member from the uk, im in the midlands and share very similar experiances to you, im also a family man, wife tolerates but doesn't approve, i do have my own collection, mainly boots with heels ranging from flat to 4" stilletto, not into fetish footwear either only everyday womens boots, dont crossdress but do wear my heels in public when not with the family, can be alot of fun seeing peoples reaction and i love going in to shops and trying them on, i only take a size 5 or 6 so cant hlp im afraid with the big feet problem, sorry, im one of the lucky ones really which is what started me wearing womens boots anyway, i fond them easier to get in my size than mens and much more interesting to wear. Enjoy the sight, im sure you'l make many new friends and share many stories. If you need any help in going in public in your heels then dont hesitate to get in touch. Best wishes Gaz (aka maninboots)
  22. iv also tried on in faith solihul and every oyher shoe shop in that town for that matter, never had a problem, think im kinda famous in solihul now, they love me there, everybody should go and try on
  23. hi, iv been married 22 rs now but it was a couple f years before i opened up about my heels. i always wore flat womens bots rm the start and put it down to my size 5 feet ad couldnt get mens shoes in my size, se fuly unerstood that, since i toldher about heels she puts up with it but doesnt klike it and will not go out with me in anythin other than flattys which rally look unisex anyway. we ply aathome together with heels, thats fine, but ay stret heeling is done on y own, were hapy tho and get o have my fun so cant complain; maninoots, merry xmas tal heelers
  24. hi saxone, gud to see a new member from the uk, im from the midlands and wear heels in public all the time, it would be nice to share some experiances with you, hope you enjoy the site, gaz, maninboots
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