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  1. I agree, think they are women's but i would happily wear them with no hesitation at all
  2. Very 70's, not my style nowadays but back in the day would have worn them
  3. Nice boots, I did try them on in a size 5, fit really well and felt comfortable but a bit too similar to another pair I've already got so didn't buy
  4. I like the feeling of being a little taller even if I don't actually look taller but I also like the elegance and posture that a high heel gives you together with the adrenaline buzz and attention you get when wearing them out in public
  5. I'm about the same height as you and feel the same about having the extra heel height, I think 1.5 inches would be a safe men's heel, think you can afford to be a bit more adventurous and go to 3 to 3.5 inch Cuban or block heel, not sure what size you take but I'd look at women's cowboy boots still worn with your cut jeans and you'll look and feel amazing, what part of the uk are you from, I'm in the midlands and would love to meet up with you and help you shop for a pair
  6. Lovely boots, no reason why you can't wear them all the time, just go for it and sod everybody else
  7. These are the boots I wore out shopping last week over a pair of blue skinny jeans, got loads of compliments
  8. Really nice boots, luckily this dad only takes a size 5, i actually struggle to get men's shoes in my size, what a lovely problem to have eh
  9. Just wanted to share a nice little shopping day out i had last week, i wore a pair of flat black leather equestrian style boots with brown tops and a full length back zip over some tight skinny jeans, went into many shoe shops trying on various boots and shoes all with different heel heights, also tried some really nice dresses getting a lot of assistance with the zips from female staff, the customer care i received was first class and got so many compliments both on the boots i was wearing and how good the shoes and dresses i tried on looked on me, all in all a very enjoyable day and very ple
  10. Hi Heelian, welcome to the site, I'm sure you'll find everyone on here really friendly and helpful, think you'll find every adventure will lead to more as your confidence grows, I'm in the Birmingham area and go everywhere in heels so nothing to be afraid of, enjoy the site and enjoy yourself, look forward to sharing some experiences with you
  11. Maybe if I'd asked for the manager i may have been ok, he was just some jobs worth doorman who assumed i wouldn't be welcome, also if i had done a full female transformation i would have probably got in, he seemed to object to a male in female clothing but as i said I'm not one to make a fuss,
  12. I'm only a uk 5 so may have to have a better look
  13. Pleased to see you growing in confidence, hope my advice on a previous post has helped, you'll just go from strength to strength now, next step is to wear long boots over trousers or jeans on full show, may take a while to achieve this but there's a target to aim for
  14. Great to see you getting out there with your boots and heels on full show, i usually find most comments are complimentary but you will always get the odd small minded sarcasm, it bugs me though when women ask me how I manage to walk in heels that high and add i wouldn't even be able to walk in them, what makes them think it should any more difficult for men to walk in heels than women, they're the same height whoever wears them hence the same degree of difficulty, if you wear them often enough then you'll manage them regardless of gender, likewise if you don't wear heels then you'll find them
  15. Wow, what a great situation to find yourself in, I'm similar in that I pretty much wear my heeled boots anywhere anytime, lovely to have that freedom
  16. Why not try traveling in heels, no better time to wear heels than when you're traveling, very little chance of bumping into someone you might not want to see you in heels
  17. I usually tuck my jeans into my socks before pulling on long boots with an ankle zip, that normally holds everything in place, much better as well if the jeans are quite tight fitted (women's are usually better) that way then the jeans and socks combination still fit inside the boots
  18. I prefer a full length zip, much easier if you want to wear trousers inside the boots, with a short zip they tend to ride up when pulling the boots on
  19. Yes Tina, judging from those pictures i totally agree
  20. I'm just trying to get an idea of how many members on here live near Birmingham uk, would love to meet up with some fellow heelers for a coffee or maybe a spot of heels shopping
  21. Wow CAT, you look amazing, love the skirt and jacket and the shoes are to die for, i wish the story did have a different ending but who knows, i may just be lucky enough to see them again
  22. I popped into a branch of McDonald's the other day wearing some black over the knee boots with 4" heels and gold buckles worn over grey sprayed on denim jeggins, after ordering food i sat down to tuck into my quarter pounder with cheese and large fries. As i was eating i noticed a woman about a similar age to me (mid 50's) sat the other side of the aisle, she couldn't take her eyes off me and whenever i looked back at her she kept giving me a big friendly smile. After about 20 minutes she walked to the dustbin behind me then still with a drink in her hand turned to me and said "i hope you don'
  23. Missboots i have absolutely no idea who made those boots but i do know i want a pair, they couldn't fit you any better if they were custom made, i really need them in my life
  24. Don't be afraid to wear your heels as you would wear any other shoes, just put them on and almost forget that you're wearing heels, that way you can be natural and not show any nerves or apprehension, go about your normal daily routine as you normally would and you'll be surprised how easy it is, show confidence and enjoy yourself this was some advice i posted to someone on here and i stand by it, works for me, maybe as time goes by you'll try longer boots over your trousers on full show
  25. No hhboots the 3 pairs i have are all knee high, as much as i do really like the boots and i do wear them regularly it just feels strange zipping up the back rather than the side of my leg
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