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  1. thanks for posting the pictures from dior.com., anton. i dont know how to post them. yup they are awesome but only in 5 stylesw. i wish they can make more of them.
  2. Those boots are what I have in black, brown, grey but not blue. They still look cool today.
  3. Hello.. If you guys want to see boots made for men with heels, then go to www.dior.com. Click on dior homme (homme means men i french). Then click on Lines then click dior heels. There you go. You can see 5 boots in different colors with 2½ heels. The black boots I have is on the far right. It is pretty costy at 500 euro which I bought in Paris but it feels great with heels. Let me know what you think.
  4. micha, yeah i understand what you mean. military type men can be stiff in a way when it involves heels. cheers
  5. it is janurary up here in stockholm, sweden and guess what?? we have no snow here,,, imagine that!!!
  6. I am wondering if any of you know that your dad wears heels. My dad dosent but he have a wide collection of cowboys boots.
  7. 36 tomorrow!!!!!! so happy birthday to me!! yahooo
  8. tallswede... ahh too far from stockholm. do u know a website from that place?
  9. Chrispp, sorry i don't have a photo of that boots and i tried to find a website of that store but they don't have it. i plan to go back there again in the near future and beg them to order size 46.. i long for that light brown boots Tallswede, where is Smålänningens marknad located? do they sell men boots as well? Raoul
  10. chrissp, i bought black boots there and they only have size 46 left and i took the last one. I long for the light brown ones with higher heels and tall shaft but they dont have anymore left.. all they have is 44 or under. does that boots seems familiar to you? They have many guys shopping for boots in that store and i am beginning to wonder are they members of this site??? Heelfan, that store only focus on shoes and boots, no sexy stuff BUT cool stuff through. It is a must and see store. Welcome to Sweden. Raoul
  11. hhds, pink??? wow.. i never got the guts to wear pink boots in public and in fact i don't own pink boots.. hehe
  12. I love black ones but i do have other colors too.
  13. What are your favorite boot colors?
  14. i have the similar pairs of these boots. it looks manily. good luck and i am happy that your wife gave it to u. my girlfriend really likes me in those. never want to see me in flats.
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