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  1. I'd have winked at her. lol Charlie
  2. I'm not sure teachers are under paid any more? I think it's actually a function of teachers being in it for the money and tenure, not the students. Charlie
  3. Please tell us more about how you manage to work when you want and only work 4 hours a day max! I have the self-worth part down very well and am hardly ever seen in public with heels under 4", but would love to cut back my working hours! I'm serious here. Charlie
  4. He's looking at a video of a guy wearing heels. To do this in the first place indicates he's not even being honest with himself in his posts... lol Charlie
  5. She's got a heeled style that's hard to beat. lol Charlie
  6. Before CRabbit answers, I'll throw my 2 cents here ... I think a lot like you do JWhite44. When I went up to 4" heeled boots, I had the same thoughts about what happens when I sit. I finally just said to myself that I don't give a crap. Now in meetings or wherever I just let the heels show and don't give a hoot about it. Nobody has ever said anything directly to me or given me a strange look. Yes, it helps that they're thick heels whereas if they were stilettos I'm sure I'd get a comment or two. My boots are actually men's boots, but that said, I'm sure 99% of the general public would assume t
  7. This is not unusual at all. It's so damned easy that it's hard to believe isn't it? I still get giddy when I think about this miracle that Firefox, Xaphod, and Francis showed me the way to years ago. It's all in the confidence. Charlie
  8. No, but I would think that elevator heels would have the same effect as non-conceled heels if worn all the time so what you're experiencing seems to make sense. Charlie
  9. And at least part of this is that you partake in what you want to partake in and this makes you a happier person and likely an easier person to live with as a result. Congrats! Charlie
  10. Now THIS was funny! LOL Think I'll use this myself if anyone ever bothers to ask me about my 4" heeled boots at work. lol Charlie
  11. Try this: "It's like she saw an inanimate object fly across the room by itself." The idea was to convey an analogy to what she saw as being so unusual with the man trying on heels. The expression on her face showed it totally did not compute. lol Charlie
  12. I've been in a pattern of wearing my various pairs of Miguel Jones 4" heeled boots to work every day for the past 6 months or so now. I usually take them off when I get home and switch to clogs most days when staying home for the evening. If I go out, the boots go back on, but usually a different pair that's a different style. There was a time when 4" was a challenge and now it feels normal. I actually have a couple of 5" heeled pairs and they're fairly easy for me to get around in now. Charlie
  13. Not just you guys.... I noticed it too the other day... Charlie think's this is odd. lol Charlie
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