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  1. Nice double thinkin'. Dirk
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_technique
  3. Just go to 'Youtube' and enter in the search 'ama madonna'. You will get plenty of entries.
  4. Finally I have brought together my ladyfriend, a decent camera, my heels, my courage ... and of cause me This photo session concludes in this gallery: https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink I know ... I know ... another bunch of 'ankle' and 'shoes only' shots. But hey ... one has to start somewhere. So let the comments come. Regards Dirk
  5. Totally agreed. Epilation by sugaring (see my post above) done by a professional person is still a little bit hurting, but he/she knowns some tricks to reduce the pain. And the result is worth it. Regards Dirk
  6. I would go even a step further and recommend epilation by sugaring (see Wikipedia 'Sugaring'). [offtopic]I even let ALL my hair go from neck to toes every 5-6 weeks. A real sensual and smooth experience I must say. My lady-friend LOVES it.[/offtopic] Regards Dirk
  7. ... Next direct. Hansi1973 opened it for me. THIS online store has a wide variety of high heel shoes up to size EUR 43 for reasonable prices. And guess, what's my size? ... YES. Now I have to hold myself back, NOT to buy 'the whole shop'. [talktomyself]No. Don't do it. Don't even visit Next direct. no ... No ... NO[/talktomyself] Regards Dirk
  8. Those boots arrived just yesterday. Aanndd they are AWESOME. They are fitting. This is normally a concern, because with a high heel, sometimes one needs a size greater. They have a towering 10cm heel high, but are comfortable to wear. They are black with a 'touch of male' look. They are 'silent', when walking. All in all, simply a 'winner'. THX to Hansi1973. Regards Dirk
  9. THX ... aanndd ... Ordered I have size EUR 43. Hopefully I don't need a size bigger with this heels. Regards Dirk
  10. Hi gang, I'm the more 'male look' heel wearer. I prefer heels, with which you can 'get away' as male footwear. Therefore I think the actual fashion of wedge heels is great for me and my taste of heeled shoes I dare to wear. BUT ... you know there always comes a 'BUT' ... why are those styles, especially the ones I have attached, not available in larger sizes? :-( Regards Dirk
  11. Doesn't anyone noticed the difference in your height?
  12. Nice idea! But I have already a day-filling job. That offer to Taccofan should remain a "friend-to-friend" thing. But as James Bond once said "Never say never". We'll see. Kind regards Dirk
  13. I have just read your Topic. I don't know of such a company here in germany. But maybe we two can arrange something together. Email me your request and I consider to order it for you and send it to you as long as there are no extra-costs on my side. And the best for you . . . no fee. Just an offer. Kind regards Dirk
  14. @taccofan: That service sounds great. Have you or any other heel-lover any experience with their service? Thanx in advance. Kind regards Dirk
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