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  1. Love the heels in you avatar! May I ask the brand and style?

  2. Joey, Hey I'm good here in TX. I hope you are the same. I have not been on thia forum much lately but I thought I'd better get caught up a bit. What's your interest in heels? What heels do you like best? I like the higher heels, 4 inches plus, but I also like flats and Keds, too. Gary

  3. Tanya, I can't believe you received no compliments on your new Schuh court shoes! Maybe a little jealousy on your coworker's parts? Being a 5" heel, how were they to wear all day? You have great taste in shoes with the Louboutins. Once again, thank you for posting the pic!

  4. Barbara, I read your post about dangling. I know with some high heels, it feels good to slip them off to rest the feet now and again. Do you ever dangle just to attract attention? I'm curious about this as I suspect some might do so. I would never be one to complain about dangling and as far as I am concerned, I sadly don't see it as much as I used to! Gary

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