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  1. Excellent! Thank you for sharing!
  2. imroter, The pumps with the bows and the mary janes are quite sharp! Gary
  3. I think it would be interesting as an add on to this post to ask what part of your paycheck you "donate" to the government. Here in the US we have federal income tax, state income tax (not in Texas, Florida, and maybe elsewhere), sales tax, real estate tax, school tax, etc. Speaking personally, I contribute about 20% to 25% of what I make to one government entity or another. I know compared to other countries, it is not that high. But times they are a changin'. Before too long, $4 a gallon gas here may be considered the good old days.
  4. Glances, smiles, and nods, but that's about it. If I did not get a little reaction (notice) now and then, I'd begin to think guys wearing heels is gettin' a little too common place.
  5. Walk easily? 5 3/4". I walk in over 6" heels with no platforms, but not for long distances. I'm sure if I gave it enough effort, the taller heels could be just as easy.
  6. Shortened stride...for me, it's the journey, not the destination!
  7. HA! I thinks it's safe to say that if you wore either of those styles out, no one would remember what else you had hanging off your bod that day. WILD!
  8. Exactly! I drive a standard shift mostly. I find that all my shoes without exception have some scuffing after driving. But, I enjoy the experience never the less. I carry some keds or flats if the heels I'm wearing are my more expensive ones and I don't want them scuffed.
  9. I love wearing shoes with toe cleavage as much as I love to see others wearing them, too.
  10. I visited the local Payless this morning. I'm a frequent customer and the manager there is quite nice. I was wearing mary jane wedges and went to try on some oxford heels. The store was quite busy but I could have been trying on steel toe work boots for all anybody cared. For all those who are only thinking about going to try heels on at the store, just go do it. It's not a big deal but it is alot of fun!
  11. What was opinion of them? Worth buying?
  12. WOW! I love the looks of that pump! I don't know how it would be to wear, but I may need to find out.
  13. The higher the better. But if its clunky looking, forget it. Needs to be both high and stylish!
  14. Gary

    Pink Heels

    Sharp! I love the look with the fishnets. I think fishnets are really comfortable and sexy to wear, too.
  15. Puffer, I had one year (first grade) of the Sisters of No Mercy; they wouldn't ask if you wanted a swat, they freely gave! I guess it's kind of like "shoot first and ask questions later"!
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