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  1. Mine is not me but i hope it will be soon i just lifed the pic from where i got my super smart mj's . Anyway to make your pic bigger Doc???
  2. What's the style of heels...

    Hmm wheres the mary jane's on that list
  3. Streetheeling. What footwear

    I've gone for wedges as i've started to wear 3inch wedge kangaroo trainers out and about. With boot cut jeans they blend right in
  4. My very 1st outting :)

    Hi all As some have you may have read in the past i've always been scared stiff of being seen out in girls shoes/heels. Anyway for a few months i've started to wear my heels around a friends house and thats been really great i've even start to shop for heels/trainers around there because it seem as strange anymore. I've always really liked ladys chunky/wedge trainers so this week these came ( well the same as this but a bigger size ) . http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/kangaroo-trainers-size-5-bnib-camo-blue-/250667999616?pt=Women_s_Shoes. So tonight i went out shopping in them with a pair of Sz12L boot cut jeans. I know there pretty tame by most people here go out in and the picture doesn't really show the 3 1/4inch wedge but they felt really nice on . And the jeans were really nice on aswell. I went to Sainsburys,filled up with fuel,asda and spoke to some ppl i knew and no1 even looked. I was alittle worried about the glitter on the camo pattern trim but the jeans covered them really well. So thats my first outting in a form of wedge heels and ladys cut jeans and it was great. Waffle over...... P.s If any of this doesn't make much sence i tore musles in my shoulder,chest and back this week and am on a load of strong pain killers atm................
  5. Clear Heels?

    Me to I really want some like in your pic and one day a nice wedge pair . Along time ago i had some pretty smart clear boots with silver heels/platforms.
  6. US into UK size's A little help please

    Np I think these have been on here before. It might have been seeing themon here that made me start looking. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Womens-Shoes-Multi-Trainer-Sneakers-Platform-Wedge-heel-/280442549627?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_Women_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item870ac2bf3b
  7. US into UK size's A little help please

    Thank you all that helped me out there. It looks like i was right the 1st time and the platform trainers i want so badly wont fit me . If they came from here ( UK ) and didnt cost so much with the shipping i'd take a chance but i just dont think its worth it. Oh well i'll just keep looking. Once again thanx all
  8. US into UK size's A little help please

    Sorry its been an 11+hour heavy day i ment to say US8 in UK sizes. Doh
  9. Hi all i just wanted to double check i have this right. I've seen some really really nice wedge/platfrom trainers on ebay. The ad says they only go upto a US8 i'm working that out to be around a 6/6 1/2 in the US sizes if thats right i'd be spending £50+ on shoes that i would not have a chance of fitting into as i take a UK7/7.5 in heels. Am i right please? Thanx all Hiline
  10. They came today

    To be honest i find my 7inch mary janes x10 more easy to walk in than my new 5.5inch pumps. My mj's feel like a pair of slippers after wearing the pumps. I dont think the pumps are that much harder its just i'm used to high platforms now. I think that little bit of flex in my new shoes will ake alittle getting used to as my other pairs are all pretty rock soild. Just wish i had more time to wear them
  11. They came today

    My 6inch pumps came today after what seemed a very long wait. I've only worn them a little so far but they seem to be my perfect size and with some work i think i will be albe to master them. When i first saw them they didnt look that high really but as up untill now i've only worn heels with platforms so they wouldnt apper as high..................Then i put them on! WOW whatta difference they feel x10 lighter than my other heels and no where near as soild as the ones in my pic but they felt great on. Its just a shame there only 5.5inch heels not 6 as the advert said. But then again that might not be a bad thing. So all in all i'm very pleased with my first pair of non platform heels.
  12. high heeled sneakers

    I so wish those on ebay were for sale over here just not in the US i really really want some of those . They look like the kinda heels even i could wear out and about ( well about 100miles from here lol )
  13. An inch to far?

    Thanx again for all the help I did the deed tonight and ordered a pair of pleaser 6inch pumps. Even if i cant walk in them i'll have them for when i can. I just wish i had placed the order a few days ago so i'd have more time in them by myself next week.
  14. An inch to far?

    Thank you those comments are a huge help just one more question. If i'm a sz 7.5 in those heels in my pic should i just buy that size in the pumps as there both pleasers?
  15. An inch to far?

    Hi all For along time now i've wanted to try some 6inch pumps. I really really love my pleaser sky mary janes ( as in my pic <---- ) they have 7inch heels with a 3inch plat. I also wear some ankle boots alot that have 6inch heels and an 1.5 plat. Would i be ok going for some 6inch non plat heels or am i gonna end up falling over. I hve the house to myself next week so they can come here for a change i just need to think if i want 6inch heels or play it safe with 5inch to start with?. Any help would be great.