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  1. Fred


    Such sad news. She was such an expert at wear incredibly high heels & ballets. She also had a wonderful laced waist. Like others here wonder what happen as guess she was in her 30's
  2. What a wonderful set of photos. It's great how your GF is always in heels Thank you for posting
  3. What a lovely set of pics, and great she wears heels so often.
  4. As ever wonderful heel photos. Thanks for posting.
  5. Wow Trolldeg they have some great shoes there
  6. Eve They are really nice. It's great to see real classic HH pumps being worn. Have you got any more heels like that? Fred
  7. Fred

    3D Printed Shoes

    That is amazing!
  8. Jane looks as fantastic as every, with a great figure even after 2 kids.
  9. Great you both wore such nice heels to walk in. How was it?
  10. Lovely photo. Great heels. What was the event
  11. Fantastic set of photos. Thanks for posting. Great Jane still wears such lovely heels and hose.
  12. Bob They are very nice shoes. Has she worn them much? Thank you for posting. Great to see some new posts. Fred
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