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  1. Thank you for the contact info etc. Have just PM'd the meet info, my contact info etc. No worries if you don't make dinner on thursday, we will be at the restaurant till about 8:45 pm then heading to the first club on the list for 9pm....I don't think you'll have any trouble finding us!!! If you go to my photo gallery you'll see how I will be dressed and look like. At each location I will leave my name as contact. Look forward to meeting you both! Going to be a fun time!! David

  2. Hello. I am not sure if Hoverfly had contacted you. We are actually flying in to Phoenix, arrive 2pm, and then going to drive up, so we will not be getting to Vegas until about 7pm. I am not sure if we will make dinner the first night. Is there someone that we can call to find out where everyone is when we head out from our hotel. A contact # for us is 603-793-6013, my cell. We are also staying at the Venetian. I look forward to seeing everyone.

  3. hi what part of Texas are you in?

  4. Hello.....I know that I am very rarely on here and most of you may not know who I am, but I am looking forward to the meet. The only problem that I have is that we need to set a place and date if we are to do it this winter because of all the people that will be taking vacations at this time of year. We will need to make flight/hotel reservations/time off from work etc. We need to stop dragging our heels and start stomping. I look forward to meeting all of you.
  5. So is your avatar really you? - No it is my cat Ghost....can you guess why he is named that?? Why did you choose that picture? - It is a cute picture of ghost If your avatar is an image of someone else, why? -I chose that picture where it is a picture that represents me, without putting my face out on the net. I did not want to just put something out there and besides, Ghost did not mind, he will pose for any camera.
  6. Angelina....where....where ......(sitting like a puppy with it's ear pirked up at a loud noise)
  7. Well for the question would you date a guy that wears heel, I do. The only thing that bugs me is when he asks me if he should wear this pair or that. I say just put on a pair.
  8. Would you consider sporting events on the tele reality television?? Here in America sometimes they are just as fixed as the reality TV shows. (there was the guy - I think that it was Jonny Bench - that got busted for throwing his own games because he had bet on them)
  9. On these shows people may be given free things, like drinks at a bar, but would they not act that way that they are acting even if the cameras were not there???
  10. I do not think that you know that the NOW symbol looks like. It is much like the HHPlace logo with out the people. As for the WWW all that stands for is world wide web, a location in a computer, an IP address.
  11. I know that I watch alot of reality television. I watch from I Love NY on VH1 to Trauma Life in the ER, to MerrKat Manor on Animal Planet. My question for all of you is do you think that reality television reflects real life? And what show(s) do you feel do or do not do this? Tex
  12. For me, I would not wear heels on a cross counrty flight. The length of time sitting can increase the chance of getting a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). It is my opinion from my studies that heels can increase this chance, especially as you go higher. If you want to wear heels on the plane, kick them off while you are sitting, that way you are not causing greater stress on the veins in your knees.
  13. My avatar is not of me, it is of my cat ghost. From looking at the picture you can tell why he is named that. I chose the picture because it is a picture that makes me happy because he makes me happy.
  14. Great....It is an S&M Forum!!!! Just kidding!!
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