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  1. Probably an old theme there but her goes. I scraped up the courage and asked my wife to get me a pair of high heel boots for Christmas this past year. An implicit part of the gift was letting me wear them around the house. She wasn’t thrilled about it but she got them for me. Now we are home from travels and our series of house guests are gone so I am able to wear them regularly. My wife (who will not wear high heels) tolerates them but says they “just aren’t manly” and isn’t thrilled about my wearing them. They are black knee-high boots made of some kind of faux leather. The toes are rounded, the stiletto heels are about 6.25” high, and the platforms are about 1.5”. They have black laces up the front and a side zipper. I enjoy every minute in them. I’m looking for help finding ideas that will help her enjoy my high heels. I dislike pointed toes and think the rounded toe is more masculine. Black leather? Laces? All seem manly to me. Does a stiletto heel automatically make them feminine? Any ideas what I can say to her to make these boots more appealing to her?
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