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  1. Lucky you guys! Size 15 USA women’s here. Pleaser heels about all I can find.
  2. Cat, love those skirts! I’ll need to drop 20lbs to look that good!
  3. In the pant outfit I went out to see the response. First stop a convenience store to fill my water jug, and top of the tank. As always , a little apprehensive on leaving my vehicle. The elana flair pants are more noticeable than the 5 inch booties they cover. At a little before noon there were several people inside but I didn’t even notice a single judgmental glance. Across the street was a Goodwill store I hadn’t been into for a while. Not to much traffic in the strip mall. I parked far enough away from the store to need to stroll in front of several shops. As I gazed at my reflection in the shop windows, I really felt comfortable in my appearance. I looked good! With that big boost of confidence I entered Goodwill where the clerk greeted me with a pleasant “good morning”. I replied in kind, and headed to the skirt section, where I found four just above the need black skirts to try on. Pressed the button to get someone to open a try on booth for me, and the gentleman came with the key and did so. A nice Kaspar brand lined pencil skirt fit and looked good. $6.75 for a $69 skirt. Not bad. Got a “Thank you” from the same clerk and I was off to the Mall Of Georgia. I like Dillard’s as they have a selection of “talls” in men and women’s section. I was seeking a fitted top there that might compliment the pants I was wearing, but could not find something. Unusually, a clerk did not approach to help me, though they were fairly busy. On my way out into the mall to one of my favorite stores, Buckle, I got one or two up and down glances, probably because of my tall stature (I’m over 6’8” in these heels.) and perhaps the unusual trousers. The trousers are very light weight so each step forward exposes the shoe and the heel if you were looking. No worries and no comments. Into Buckle I really like their service. I walk directly to the women’s side, and explain that I had purchased a nice long pair of 37” inseam Payton boot cut jeans a few months ago. And would be interested in a light wash for summer. I also mentioned I might like to try a shorter length ankle jean. Asked for my waist size I say say I find sizes all over the place for women’s jeans. I’m 34 male, and the Payton’s I had purchased were 31’s so she picks out a couple of jeans an takes me the closest “woman’s” side changing room. Perfect! I tried on many (over ten) pair of jeans, no 37’s XXTl in my size. I showed here my heels, explaining, as I wear them often, the long length was to better cover the shoes. She said “ good for you, I just had to take my wedges off, they were wearing me out.” She brought some “destroyed” crop jeans and and various “skinny” and “straight” fit types. I decided the best was a Payton Skinny 30W, Regular 32 length in a light wash. I tried them on with the heals, and the look wasn’t too bad. Another female attendent agreed but perhaps some white pumps would be better. Or even, the other attendent added, “red pumps would pop on those jeans. “. I asked what king of top? She said with red pumps, you would like use a red or black top. A loose T for a casual look and a fitted T for dressing it up. Great to have accommodating assistance. Buckle is great! I’m sure I could go to Old Navy and get similar pair of jeans for less than half the $69 these were - but the experience was well worth it.
  4. So I am trying a few new looks. Here is the elana pant with 37 inseam from Alloy. A Lululemon long sleeve jacket over a Nike dry fit top. What do you think. Pleaser Spectator platform booties 5 inch heel. Outfit is very comfy Another with a skirt instead of pants
  5. Yes, a big fan. Here in the US we have a store called The Buckle. Great women and men’s jeans with long inseams. Up to 37-1/2 women’s and 38 men’s. My last purchase was Payton boot cut 31 waist with the 37-1/2inseam. Very soft and stretchy. I wear a 34 men’s waist.
  6. I’m new to HHP. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog. I, too, wore clogs at an early stage of my heeling. I am so jealous of those of you hat can wear “normal” size women’s shoes. At my size, I am seriously limited to the Pleaser and similar shoes. Winter is my favorite season for heeling, Oxfords, Boots and such. I am comfortable in 5 inch heels with few marathon events, the worst was an all day walk, with beer and pizza stops on the cobbles in Copenhagen in my Seduce 460 oxfords. Probably 5 miles that day. Regarding comfort in heels, my feet have high arches, and my toes seem to compress commfortably in the toe box. I have started enjoying Small platforms, like my Flair boots and some recently purchased two tone oxfords. I usually have my shoes mostly hidden by long slacks or boot cut jeans. Even though these heels let me tower at 6’8”, the stiletto heels rarely get noticed, and I almost always get positive comments. Thanks for the chance to add to your thread here.
  7. The slacks have small front pockets that are sown shut - holds a key. Today was cold so when I went into the mall to Buckle to pick up new jeans, I put my wallet and phone and keys into my light jacket. I have a couple over shoulder purses that could be “murses” as they are not very feminine. I likes thes gap flares - fairly wide bottoms. Here are pics of these shoes. One on the clutch pedal of my Porsche.
  8. I’m new here. I’ve got to improve the lighting to improve my pictures, but here is a picture of me in my 4-3/4 platform Oxford heels under some GAP flair slacks (womens). Picture and style advice welcome
  9. I have been a heel wearer for a long time. First, the late 70’s platforms, then Cowboy boots. I found large size women’s heels on the internet and in one or two California “exotic wear” shops. I am six feet five with my bare heel on the floor, Size 13 (US) male feet with a high arch made for wearing heels comfortably. My legs are short proportionately - so a three to five inch longer trouser brings my appearance into proportion. I don’t consider what I wear cross dressing, but there are places and times I do not wear heels, though almost all the time my heels unnoticed, even if my ‘new’ six foot eight height does. My wife accommodates my choice, but is terrified that I will be recognized in heels and she will need to explain. So usually my public experiences are in cities I travel to when I touch a few extra articles of clothing, long jeans or slacks, in with the heels. The Jeans store Buckle has long men’s and women’s jeans. I am wearing their Payton bootcut jean with a 31 waist and a 37-1/2 inseem with a platform oxford from Pleaser that has a 4-3/4 heel at the back right now. I’m sure I’ll get lots of support and ideas from the members here.
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