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  1. Hello everybody. A recurrence here is : how could I explain my GF or my wife( or simply my partner) that I am a man ,with no wish being a CD or whoever with similar tastes? Often the question is: should I show this site to my partner. And the answer is NO! Why? Because on the site we have so many different styles.Some with only female clothes,some with a mix,some painted toes nails. and more. That's ok for us. But not for a woman we want to show that we are not unique and a real man. Can't we find a possibility to have a separate forum,with no possibility to have access to the whole site that we could show to a woman who is wondering about if her man is still a normal man or moving to the side she can't accept. Please consider my proposal only as a help to the issues so many guys here are facing. What about HH4men? @Tech what do you think ? If it is an acceptable option,we will need someone who ( moderator?) is able to decide what is " man" and what isn't! As You ,Tech does here for the general site Pierre
  2. She looks perfect. And so perfect that she often gets severe criticisms about her too sexy look for a politician. I am not a great fan of her as a polician. I just like how she is bold enough and show her " i don't give a shit" to what people could think.
  3. Here is a pic I found in a French magazine. She is a former justice minister when Sarkozy was President She now wants to be mayor of Paris. She seems more powerful than many men I know. Why is she allowed to dress that way and not us???
  4. Hello @Jura! Its a special order I did to Extreme high heels in Spain.
  5. At first,thank you for that English lesson that I have found interesting. As a French native you can imagine that I am often struggling with your language Then,be sure that the French offers exactly the same possibilities,difficulties,and not so many French natives fell at ease with. So ,please don't blame these bloody foreigners who are not responsible of these difficulties .You took from the foreign languages what it has seemed confortable to take ..And we did and are still doing the same. Sorry for my very average English .I am working hard to improve it. Honestly said I am more at ease with 5"heels .But that's a different story Pierre
  6. Peter Chu is producing the most arched shoes. Italian heels in Italie,Fuss shoes in Germany,Extreme high heels in Spain have very nice 6" shoes. Confortable And ! walkable
  7. And could she feel bad ,walking on your side if you ,wearing 3/4" heels are much taller than her ?
  8. Some thoughts : It took me several years before I was sure that my heel passion had nothing weird but jut something unusual Some more years before I was bold enough to wear them publicly. And even at present only block heels if visible. Never any other outfits that could be considered as feminine. At home,yes,sometimes for matching the heels. But more in the quest of trying new matches So it could take some times for your wife to follow the same track and reach the point she is ok with your heel wearing Probably she personally is ok with your heels but she knows that other people you could meet would think you are a weirdo and she feels uncomfortable with it. So heels at home or you alone outside seems to be an acceptable goal you could reach
  9. Showing her the site could be a way to tell her you are not the only straight guy who loves heels But she will for sure also find some others with skirts and more. Then she will undoubtedly think you are just at the first step of your coming out. Dangerous ! Keep all skinny jeans,skirts and any more or less feminine clothes well hidden. You are right: carefulness is the key word now and time as well
  10. These boots look very " normal" ..That means your wife don't accept men in heels at all.So,yes ,a serious conversation is needed.Maybe more than one I would be surprised that she would change her mind within a few minutes i am sorry not to have followed your heeling stories better: does she knew about your heel passion? Is it the first time you tried to wear heels with her?
  11. Hello @Rockpup!

    i am in west palm and Riviera beach at present 

    but not alone and also for business.So,nothing in easy 

    But in case of ...I have brought a pair of Oxford Cuban heels. 

    As don't feel secure enough in unknown places,i haven't worn them yet. Palm beach garden mall? The outlet close to 95? 

    Any idea? If you wish we could meet for a coffee ?


  12. Sounds we all are more or less suffering from some parts of our bodies. @pebblesf,thank you for your nice words. And don't tell your doctor about your heeling. I always wear flats when I visit mine. If not,no matter he is right or not,he would get crazy Pierre
  13. I also had a toe nail surgery for a similar reason when I was a kid. The doctor removed the nail totally. Non only it has been painful,the nail grew the same way after having been removed. So: pain for nothing. Simce that day I cut it by myself regularly and don't have any problem anymore. Concerning hips and back pain( same origin),it is my everyday concern for now 40 years. Looking at my X Ray pictures is appaling. But with the help of a nice chiropractor/ Doctor ( he is both) my life is more than acceptable. For more than 20 years now. I never told him about my frequent heels wearing from my side I can't feel any difference if I wear heels,even several days in a raw,or flat. As I am also getting a little older than I would wish,I decided a few weeks ago to start some stretching exercises. Some very gentle ones. The result was a catastrophe! I had to rush to my gentle Doctor who asked me what the hell I could have done ! Now it is fixed again and I am trying to get old as slowly as possible. So: beware of any exercise your body isn't used to.
  14. So far,no idea. I was putting theses leggings on before taking my bike. I suddenly wondered what it could look like with these shoes. I don't feel like walking publicy dressed that way . Too much for me. Ok with skinny jeans and block heels,even very high. But not these shoes. Not ready yet. Pierre
  15. Thank you @pebblesf!
  16. Baggy logo. That's why I had a mixed feeling. Your opinion is very useful
  17. What do you think about mixing sporty outfits and heels? Personnelly a mixed feeling Pierre
  18. i totally agree with you @Histiletto. The positioning of the heel is so important. I can't understand that so many designers have no care about the comfort of the shoes. I can't understand either why so many women are still buying such shoes and prefer complaining. If all shoes makers could give some attention to biomechanic we may have less people saying that high heels are a body destroyer One solution: the designers and the shoe makers,female and male have to wear high heels all day long. That would help our men in heels problem. Two birds with one stone !!!
  19. You are not the only one @luvmaryjanes! I don't like so much toe cleavage so much neither. And to be honest I rarely find toes beautiful. Some members will "kill" me for that !! But,but! With very high heels,a pair of nice sandals could be more than appreciated .
  20. Have you ever tried " Long tall Sally"?
  21. I am already doing that with extreme high heels in Spain. I can't really say that I am designing the shoes but by picking from different possibilities they already offer..So at the end it is somehow a shoe I have more or less designed.
  22. A few months ago I was traveling with KLM. One of the flying attendant,a 40 years old woman,nice figure ,was wearing a cure pair of black stilettos. Rond toe cap,at least 4 inches. I indentified them as Louboutin As I was surprised to see such cute but expensive shoes ,I complimented her.She said these shoes were not part of the uniform the company provides to the employees. As she hated the ones she was supposed to wear,that was a personal purchase. She kept her nice shoes on until she had to start her service. Then she changed for the ones I supposed were the ugly ones. What a change! i don't know if she noticed that I was wearing 14cm Cuban heels Oxford ( my usual travelling shoes) Pierre
  23. @balletboot That's a good option. Please tell me when you receive them. And a pic as well?
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