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  1. It’s actually just before I am about to lift my foot up, I find.
  2. I find when I walk in my heels (which are all Pleaser heels with 5”+ heels, usually a platform), I hear this friction sound. Maybe it’s because I am hypersensitive and self conscious, maybe it is because I am on the heavier side of things and these shoes aren’t built to accomodate me but I get the clicking sound when I step but then just as I am about to move, I get this relatively loud rubbing or friction sound. Am I doing something wrong? I should add that these are all stiletto heels.
  3. Hey, thanks for the feedback. They are size US13 and new in box.l
  4. Brand new pair, only worn to check for size, but unable to return because I bought them during a sale. Price: $80AUD, plus postage. Brand new they are around $120AUD.
  5. A slightly used pair of black patent Pleaser Delight 3036. They have 6in heel, with a 1 3/4in platform, and they lace up from the back. They have been worn outside once or twice, and the only wear is in the creases around the knees. They are good condition and I’d keep them but they don’t quite fit, and they are passed the point I can return them for a different size. Price: $120AUD plus postage. Brand new, they retail for around $175AUD.
  6. Also a newly signed up West Aussie. The height on those heels is more my style, though with the size of my feet, all I have found that works are Pleasers' range. I have a pair of Sky 387s (which I absolutely adore). I've got a pair of thigh high boots coming in the mail, which has me rather excited.
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