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  1. Keeping the topic fresh. Bound to be be others in this area wanting to grab some lunch or go shopping.
  2. Any travels lately.
  3. Well it finally happened. A while ago I mentioned to my wife about me wearing heels. Yesterday, we had some time alone and I wore heels around her as we did some housework. Not glamorous, but successful. She was more accepting then I hoped. What a wonderful woman. Her main concern was was for my feet and legs. Dont think she will accept public wearing for some time, but she did enjoy watching me vacuum in heels. Thanks to everyone for their support.
  4. Great discussion. But one thing I have learned from this group is that if they are on my feet, they are men's shoes. @subtle I agree just because there is a heel does not make it a heel. Needs to have some clear definition. But, we all have different tastes. Guess that's why shoe stores are so big.
  5. Union station
  6. Alas no. Wish I had mine on as my male boots gave me a blister on my heel.
  7. Great colors in the photo. I love the fall season.
  8. Just got back from New Years in San Francisco. Saw many great heels. And some where you just wanted to advise them of poor choices. Still not sure why one wears tall heels and drinks too much. Even the best heel walkers will be challenged . Anyway, wishing everyone a great year of heeling.
  9. As a guy I Was not sure what all the fuss was about boots as I wear work boots every day. I finally broke down and got a pair. They are 3" stilletto heel and goes up to just a few inches above ankle. Closed toe, and square toe. With zipper side. Dark brown, almost a black. Not work appropriate wow, they are so much fun to wear. No worry about slipping out. Easy to put on so I am wearing heels more often. So easy to slip on after work and run a few errands. Even lakes through a department store formth first time I was worried that boots would not provide that soft fem feel, but they bring their own joy, and click clack as I walk. Plus with the cold weather, my toes stay warm. sorry no pictures.
  10. 6pm and later is tough for me. Hard to leave house once dinner and kids are in motion. Any days after 4pm?
  11. What time are you thinking? Perhaps in Union City near the movie theater. There's a few shoe stores there.
  12. Regarding wearing your heels in public, Which are you most concerned drawing attention to your feet and being identified as a heel wearer. Is it the heel or the toe design? For me it's the toe design as I like fem looking footwear and it seems counter productive to wear blocky style toe designs. The heel, and I prefer stillito style, does not concern me as much as the feature that folks will see. Of course, a third concern would be shoes that display lots of skin, vs being enclosed. A concern of mine, but black nylons with my black shoes eliminates my concerns. thoughts?
  13. I think I moved up a level. Instead of ordering at the counter and leaving as I usually do,. I recently ordered lunch and sat at the table wearing my 4 inch black pumps. A group four men wear sitting diangle to me and as usual they were all texting. However at one point, one looked my direction and sent a text. A few seconds later his buddy spun his head around and his eyes went to my feet. That's it, no issues. Sure they snuck peeks from time to time , but the shoes looked great so why not. The real rush came as I went to leave and the counter was full of folks ordering food. And I had to work my way between them. Great outing.
  14. This weekend I was able to go to a very fancy gala, fundraiser. I was awash in beautiful heels all around me. I had never been to such a formal gathering, where everyone was wearing their very best. Was fascinating to watch everyone walk in their choosen heels. It was easy to see who wears regularly and who was a bit of out their comfort zone. As a guy, I can honestly say I walk in heels better then about 20 percent of what I saw Was interesting to look at the gowns and see which were cut to show off the heel, vs sweeping the floor to hide the floor wear. I can't wait to the next fancy gala I must be "dragged" too
  15. Cat, Always looking so sharp. Question:. Where is your wallet when you wear skirt without a jacket? Like in the greeting card one with the nice blue shirt. I have gone out in a skirt before, but felt silly holding cash and I am not into purses.