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  1. Please click link to see what this is all about. I am tired of your diversion Pantera. You accused me of copying you and being jealous. Please remain on topic. Thank you.
  2. It's common to watch the guilty party deflect blame back onto their victim. Typical bully-boy tactics. I have said what I said, and stand by it. Make your own choice. My admiration of this user ceased when I had secure information that she was out to wreck my fun some 14 or so months ago, and the news about her regarding me, over the ensuing months, never changed. As I have been advised, as the global financial crisis hit, and her subscriber numbers began to drop off, her ire for me increased. Why didn't she go after the other pay site owners and leave me alon
  3. hey there! i wasnt trying to ignore you here. i just dont log in here that often, so i just saw your msg. and really i dont have any hints on how to use this site. i usually browse the threads. they are interesting sometimes. then i have added some pics. i have done a blog entry or two. it seems like one could do a lot on this site. i feel like i am a spread a little thin on the multiple internet sites. i am not a good multitasker. oops! gotta go. will be intouch soon. i saw the preview of your email on foot compaction. i actually wanted to talk to you about that, too! so, bye, for now.

  4. Hello you, It's me! lol. How do you use this place? Any hints? Thanks. Sue

  5. Yes. I run in my heels. A fair bit. I've loaded video of me running in ballet boots. It's not very graceful, but it can be done. :-) Imelda
  6. I just thought I'd drop by and say hello to the High Heel Community. Thanks to Jim for the invite. :thumbsup: Nice place you have here and very informative. Hello fellow youtubers - come and say hello here too. :-D
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