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  1. Thought I would make a late submission since I liked this color combination and my legs are finally starting to get a little tan.
  2. My Brash heels with bodicon skirt and bare legs.




    1. jeremy1986


      Absolutely love those heels

  3. Some time to myself so I decided to try my teal sandals with my leggings and floral tank top. Also reorganized my heel cabinet. This is some of my collection. 





  4. Shiny hot pink pumps, gold toenails and skinny jeans....my look for the night.




    1. bobbi


      Lovely shoes!

    2. jeremy1986


      Lovely look!
      your wife is OK with this?

    3. bnchmrk


      I only wear my heels around the house or while driving but she doesnt say anything about them or my leggings. She knows about the skirts but I do not wear them around her.

  5. bnchmrk

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Great looking heels....and I agree the stocking really accent the heels well. I also prefer to combine my heels with hosiery whether I am wearing jeans, leggings or the occasional skirt.
  6. If you are taking pictures with a phone. Many of them have a voice activated shutter. Mine has a setting that requires you to say "cheese" and takes the photo. The only factor is that it has to be set to auto flash to adjust to the proper lighting conditions. And make sure you set your phone in a secure and proper place to be in the field of vision.
  7. bnchmrk

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Got some new "bling" today. 6" pumps with 1.5" platform.
  8. bnchmrk

    Who has bought some new shoes

    I am sorry....were there heels in those pictures?
  9. bnchmrk

    Are we addicted?

    A "like, interest, fascination, addiction" they are just descriptions or "labels". These days there are too many labels for people and their actions. If we people worried less about labeling people or their actions then there might be more tolerence in this world. Lets look at it this way..."that guy likes heels, he shows great confidence wearing them, "good for him", he shows diversity and individuality. If heel collecting has to be labeled then I see it as an "interest". No different then the fellow who has an interest in fast cars. He might have one and spend a lot of money modifying and customizing. As long as its an activity that brings satisfaction and is not harmful...what does it matter how it is "labeled" Only my opinion. And opinions are like elbows....everyone has one.
  10. bnchmrk

    Who has bought some new shoes

    My floral ankle strap sandals finally showed up. They are very stable to walk in and are going to be great for summer.
  11. bnchmrk

    Show us your girliest Heels

    Where do the batteries go? lol. Talk about steal the show when you walk in a room. Definitely "girlie".
  12. Taking the "kiss" format today...keeping it safe, simple. Skinny jeans and basic black will always look cool...




  13. I am on the same page too. My wife and I both love platform stilettos in pumps, sandals and boots. We enjoy shopping for heels and as Cat states, we also have a few of the same pairs. Enjoy this rare lady and enjoy your journey into the love of heels! There is lots of support here at hhplace..
  14. bnchmrk

    Show us your girliest Heels

    Another one of my "girlie" heels. The color pretty much says it all.
  15. bnchmrk

    Who has bought some new shoes

    An ebay seller..size 11. One and only pair. Jumped at them quickly since its hard to find the larger sizes, especially in my prefered styles.

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